The Joker is Dead

dc comics recently rebooted their comic line. in the process, they killed the joker. oddly, i was able to conclude that an odd character called deadshot is now the joker, although i havent quite sorted out how, why, or when it all got started. there are clues to be found in suicide squad, plus some other clues that date back a while before the new fifty two.

Kansas Cuckolding Law – Legislators Garnish Wages of Ex-husband of Child’s Mother/Adulteress

Generally, I have no issues with child support laws. Here’s where I think that the law stinks.

Have I ever mentioned that I know a woman who couldn’t identify which of two men was the father of her child? She discovered, upon blood tests after birth, that neither guy was the father; it was a third guy from a few days previous.

WoW. Occasionally, the word promiscuous is appropriate.

This begs a question: can a victim of such a law sue the biological father in court for damages? Hmmm…

Wife Urges Change in Child Support Law

By: Gerri Elder

In Kansas, Karey Sprowson, the wife of 19-year Army veteran Master Sqt. Christopher Sprowson, is urging legislators to change a law so men can use genetic testing to avoid paying child support for children they didn’t father.

On Jan. 21, Mrs. Sprowson told lawmakers the state plans to garnish her husband’s paycheck and keep the family’s tax refund to support a child that is not his biological son. Sgt. Sprowson is currently on his third tour in Iraq, and his wife stays home with the couple’s three children.

In 1995, Sprowson’s first wife became pregnant by another man, and the couple got a divorce shortly after the child was born. DNA testing proved that Sprowson was not the father of the baby. Sprowson never has had a relationship with the child, who is now 13, but he was ordered to pay child support.

Under Kansas law, the husband is the “presumed father” of any children his wife has during the marriage. A judge decided that it didn’t make a difference that Sprowson wasn’t the biological father of the child.

Sprowson’s ex-wife told the court that she didn’t know the identity of her son’s biological father. She also never sought to collect child support from Sprowson and offered not to collect; however, since Sprowson’s ex-wife collected welfare at one point, the state required the child support payments. In Kansas, the state automatically seeks child support for any parent who receives state assistance.

The Kansas City Star reported that Karey Sprowson told the Senate Judiciary Committee that it’s not fair that her children have to suffer. Shoe pointed out that in Ohio, Colorado and Florida, laws have already been corrected to protect men who are not biological fathers from child support garnishments.

Legislators were sympathetic but declined a proposed bill that would allow a man presumed to be the father to request genetic testing, without the court considering the best interests of the child. Such a change in the law could have unintended consequences and affect many other children in the state, according to legislators.

Ellenora Victoria Harmon (now Ellenora Fulk) reports her husband’s Bigamous marriage to Teri Ann Frye: STATE OF WASHINGTON, Plaintiff, vs. ALAN LEIGHTON O’NEILL, Defendant.

Story, found here, is missing information. For the sake of the accused, I’ve added the legal accusation filed at court. Clearly, a battered man tried to move on with his life, and got caught up with the law while attempting to change his identity and avoid his physically abusive wife.

Note the sequence of events. He moved out in 2009. His wife found out about his relationship with another woman in 2010, and was arrested for domestic violence.

If he moved out in 2009, why was she only charged with domestic violence? Why is the law continuing to protect a woman who beats her husband? Why can she continue to hide behind her legally enforced marriage to a man that’s clearly afraid of her?

I’ll be posting more of these in the future. Call it “equal time” for men. No more anonymity for false victims.

I, MARK LINDQUIST, Prosecuting Attorney for Pierce County, in the name and by the authority

of the State of Washington, do accuse ALAN LEIGHTON O’NEILL of the crime of BIGAMY,

committed as follows:

That ALAN LEIGHTON O’NEILL, in the State of Washington, on or about the 19th day of

December, 2011, did unlawfully, feloniously, and intentionally marry or purport to marry Teri Ann Frye,

when either person had a living spouse, to-wit: Ellenora V. Fulk, contrary to RCW 9A.64.010(l), and

against the peace and dignity of the State of Washington.

DATED this 8th day of March, 2012.




Pierce County Prosecuting Attorney

geb By



Deputy Prosecuting Attorney

WSB#: 25570

GRANT E. BLINN, declares under penalty of perjury:

That I am a deputy prosecuting attorney for Pierce County and I am familiar with the police

report and/or investigation conducted by the PIERCE COUNTY SHERIFF, incident number 120390482;

That the police report and/or investigation provided me the following information;

That in Pierce County, Washington, on or about the 8th day of February, 2012, the defendant,

ALAN LEIGHTON O’NEILL, did commit the crime of Bigamy.

According to certified documents at the office of the Pierce County Auditor, the defendant

married Ellenora Victoria Harmon (now Ellenora Fulk) on 04/16/2001. According to records from Pierce

County District Court, Alan Leighton Fulk petitioned to change his last name to O’Neill. That petition

was granted in Pierce County District Court. Although the date on the order is 12/14/10, the date it was

filed was 12/14/11. The petition itself was dated 12/7/11 and was e-filed on 12/14/11. According to

records from the Auditor’s Office, the defendant then married Teri Ann Frye on 12/19/11 under his new

last name.

Per the police report, Ellenora reported that the defendant moved out in 2009 but neither party

filed for a legal separation or dissolution. In 2010, Ellenora found out about his relationship with Teri

and she was arrested for domestic violence. When Ellenora learned that he may be married to Teri, she

called his mother. An hour later the defendant arrived at her apartment and she asked him several times if

they were divorced. The defendant said “No we are still married”. She told him that she found out about

him being married to Teri and he told her not to tell anyone and that he would fix the problem.



DATED: March 8, 2012