One Hundred Word Fiction

“Stick out your tongue,” he said.

Her heart beat faster, but she did.

“Now stay there on your hands and knees, eyes forward, while I retrieve something.”

He walked behind her. The floorboards creaked and the cabinet doors clattered. She heard him tear at some plastic and then heard a long knife “slick” out of the block she knew lay behind her on the countertop. “Thock, thock,” struck the knife against a cutting board. She heard him turn round and then saw the knife beside her on the butcher’s block.

“Close your eyes.”

Then it was on her tongue: chocolate.

How to run a really bad infowar campaign.

Because climate skepticism is still skepticism, and skepticism is good.


It’s perhaps a debatable opinion, but I think the main way that a lot people found out there actually was such a thing as the climate skeptic blogosphere, was that its existence was highlighted by the alarmists themselves. In the complete absence of any PR budget, it was actually the alarmists who by attacking it, inadvertently spread the word that there was an alternative narrative on offer from a small skeptic community in the blogosphere. That mistake was the shape of blunders to come.

The alarmists, like all compulsive fanatics, simply could not abide any opposition, no matter how small, sciency or obscure it was, and let’s be frank here, in the early years, those three adjectives described the skeptic community quite accurately. Innocuous though it was, they just couldn’t leave it be and had to go after it, because that’s the elemental nature of fanatics.

Though a lone and solitary voice…

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Reason in the Rock 2013 – Saturday/Sunday 26-27 October

First off, I updated my previous post regarding Reason in the Rock 2012. Go see.

This year’s Reason in the Rock looks to be better than 2012. Here’s a tentative list of speakers, obtained by extreme subterfuge.

  • Jerry DeWitt – Former Pastor, Author of “Hope After Faith[Jerry is the nicest guy on planet earth. This is the kind of person Christians think they’re talking about when they speak about Jesus. I KNOW the guy’s not perfect, but it’s hard to remember that while you’re with him.]
  • Dr. Johnny Stine – Biologist, Owner of the Seattle biotech firm North Coast Biologics (cancer research)
  • Kyle Sanders & Ben Bell – Little Rock’s “Skeptics in the Pub” [See Ben discuss Sake here.]
  • David Silverman – American Atheists President [David is not my favorite person, but it’s impossible to deny the long-term work of American Atheists under his leadership.]
  • Dr. Darrel Ray – Founder of Recovering From Religion, Author of “The God Virus” and “Sex & God” [If you’re one of those folks in the “sex-positive movement” you must meet this guy.]
  • Dan Barker – Co-President of the Freedom From Religion Foundation [FFrF is infamous for suing schools over various church-state violations. I love/hate these guys and look forward to his discussion of issues.]
  • Matt Dillahunty – host of “The Atheist Experience[In my opinion, this is the most important atheist at the grass-roots level of the movement.]
  • Phil Ferguson – Co-host of “The Pink Atheist Podcast,” Board Member of the Secular Student Alliance
  • Rachel Johnson – Co-host of “The Pink Atheist Podcast,” Blogger at “The Godless Vagina” on
  • Blair Scott – co-host of “The Critical Eye” podcast
  • Sam Singleton, Atheist Evangelist [Sam might not make it to the conference.]
  • Greta Schiller – Film maker of “No Dinosaurs in Heaven
  • Lecia Brooks – Director of Outreach at the Southern Poverty Law Center [Please join several conservative atheists planning to grill Ms. Brooks during the question period.]
  • Dr. Jason Wiles – Biologist

The above list is the tip of the iceberg. Tentative local political speakers are in the works, lots more “skeptic” speakers in the works, and, first time this year, vendors!

My spy will attend the next meeting of the planning committee, so I hope to issue another update by the end of the week.