US: Ground-level discrimination against atheists?

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Religious Atrocities

So that’s not what we’ll do.
But one of these days these shoes are going
Postal over you.

I can’t extract the text so here’s a link to the image:


Q: How do you know your shoes are atheists?

A: They’ve got no soles.

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What Might It Be Like To Live In A Matriarchal Society Of Peace? Can You Imagine? by Carol P. Christ

For conveneience, I’m reblogging Ms. Christ’s post. She mentions an interesting question, which she answers without meaning to answer it: if women should rebel against partiarchy because it is unjust, and matriarchy predates patriarchy, then what injustice prompted men’s rebellion against patriarchy.

Her blindness frightens me for my daughter and son. For purpose of debate, I will grant her premise, matriarchy predates patriarchy, then explain why matriarchy was overthrown, using her description of an ideal matriarchal society as the damning evidence for its flaws.

carol p. christ 2002 colorThere are many reasons for women, slaves, and the poor to rebel against domination and unjust authorities in patriarchal societies. But we should not assume that there are any reasons to rebel against domination where no domination exists or to rebel against unjust authority in societies where there are no unjust authorities.

In response to my recent series of blogs on patriarchy as a system of male dominance created at the intersection of the control of female sexuality, private property, and war (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3), I was asked if there is an injustice inherent in matriarchal societies that caused men to rebel and create patriarchy.

The assumption behind this question is that if women are dominated by men in patriarchal societies, then men must have been dominated by women pre-patriarchal societies. Lurking behind the question is the further assumption that there must have…

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If a tree falls in a forest, and nobody is there, did it make a sound?

I’m not one for quoting christian bibles, but there’s a little wisdom worth sharing.

I’m confounded by statistics asserting rates of rape among American women which include unreported rapes, in other words, claims of rape with no conviction, no charges filed, no grand jury, and no public accusation.

The legal basis for adjudicating rape doesn’t end with, “He raped me.” There’s a process for such serious accusations, and that process matters because it gets to the truth and excludes false accusations – the cry, “Wolf!” that destroys lives for not merely the accused but for all other wronged women who deserve justice.

So, here’s the bibilical stuff.

Toward the end of the 22nd Chapter of Deuteronomy, there’s a long discussion about what is takes to make a rape charge stick. Following some preliminaries establishing punishment for infidelity – for both men and women – the basic premise is established. Here are the cases, enumerated.

1. A man has sex with a woman who is another man’s wife. She does not resist. They are discovered. Death penalty for both.

2. A man has sex with a woman who is another man’s wife. She resists. They are discovered. Death penalty for man.

3. A man has sex with a woman who is another man’s wife. She resists. They are not discovered. Death penalty for man.

4. A man has sex with a woman who is not married or engaged or otherwise promised to another man (never mind by whom or for what reason). She resists. They are not discovered. Man is fined 50 sheckels silver ($600 silver, if you bought it today) plus lifetime alimony for the victim.

I don’t know what the rest of you think of bibilical justice – it being all evil and such being the usual complaint – but it seems to me that this is pretty rough on men. If these are the rules, I wouldn’t let myself be found alone with a woman lest she accuse me of something.

These days, we at least get a day in court – at least until the feminists take that away – at which point they’ll discover what the world looks like when you up the penalties for rape and lower the standard for conviction such that men won’t associate with women out of fear.