CDC Mask Shaming

Masks don’t matter.

You know masks don’t matter. I know masks don’t matter. Most despicably, the political appointees at the United States federal government Centers for Disease Control know masks don’t matter.

So, when these unrepentant liars at the CDC tell you that fools who volunteered a child to receive mRNA or adenovirus immune treatment may send that child to school maskless, but an untreated child must strap a scrap of cloth over its face to enter a school building have exposed themselves as indifferent to the welfare of both the treated and untreated children.

A Message from the Patriarchy: Naming Conventions

When naming his child, a man should never mix language roots.

Samuel Titus Torba mixes Hebrew and Latin.

Samuel means “God has heard.”

Titus’ meaning is lost, but the name was held by the ultimate destroyer of Jerusalem and ancient (as opposed to fake) Israel.

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The Patriarchy Advocates Regime Change for Canadians

Been a long while since I wrote one of these essays. Here goes…

Saturday, security forces enforcing the edicts of the rulers over Alberta detained and imprisoned Artur Pawlowski, a pastor of Christian congregants, for opening the congregation’s church building and officiating worship of Heavenly Father. This is the second time security forces imprisoned a Christian congregation’s pastor. Previously, Jason Kenny ordered his security forces to imprison James Coates, pastor of the Christian GraceLife Church congregation, and his Christian congregation’s property, now used as a security forces post.

The Patriarchy recognizes the depravity of these crimes and recommends that all men immediately cease all commerce with any person residing in Alberta, any person supporting the regime ruling Alberta, and any advocates for similar satanic rule elsewhere. Further, we encourage all men to petition legislative representatives and executive authorities to enact legislation banning travel by officials leading or serving within the Kenny regime, or its national counterpart, the Trudeau regime.

Further, we encourage legislative representatives and executive authorities to immediately impose strict embargo upon all commercial traffic into or out of Canadian provinces, including a closure of all overland US/Canadian borders, blockade of shipping into or out of Canada, and enforcement of a no-fly zone over all Canadian provinces under the rule of Kenny or Trudeau.

In Christian charity and mercy, the Patriarchy encourages all nations to accept and gainfully employ Canadian refugees fleeing the tyranny of the Trudeau and Kenny regimes until the despicable rule of each of those men and their allies ends.

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The Handmaid’s Tale is More Terrible than You Realize

My work bores me. To get through it, I usually need a distraction to keep my mind busier than it would be otherwise. So, I usually let anime run in the background so I have a story I can hear while the analytical parts of my brain grind through the daily tasks my employer assigns.

Today, I subjected myself to Hulu’s Handmaid’s Tale. Until today, I always considered it borderline submissive porn, but something more sinister may better explain the narrative.

It’s plausible that much modern literature is both catharsis and propaganda. Handmaid’s Tale purports to be a warning against Christian religious extremists, but it repeatedly fails to capture the motives and nature of religious extremism.

For example, excepting the mythical account of Abraham’s wife Sara and her handmaid Hagar, or Jacob’s wives and handmaids, the notion of a “handmaid” bearing children for her husband is vanishingly rare among religious folks, extremist or otherwise. It’s a very strange idea.

Further, Atwood’s handmaids and Hulu’s handmaids both suffer at the whim of sterile women and men. The underlying challenge of the Handmaid’s Tale is not the crisis of religious zeal in Gilead, but the crisis of collapsing birth rates which prompts desperate and powerful men to enslave fertile women.

Today I realized that a general sterility among many Gilead women is more difficult to comprehend than a social change pressed by powerful people upon unsuspecting Americans: transexuality.

What if, instead of watching this narrative of fictional Gilead and assuming that all these men’s wives are merely barren, we instead assume that all these wives are not women at all. Perhaps the plot is better understood if we accept that the wives are mutilated men insanely seeking to prove fecundity by enslaving women to conceive and gestate the next generation of depraved asexual freaks.

That would be a horror story.

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…and Then They Came for The Amish, but Nobody Noticed.

Charles C. W. Cooke, the immigrant editor of National Review Online, the online version of the purportedly American conservative magazine, published an essay by his Northern Irish compatriot, Cameron Hilditch, with the theme, “the Jericho rally was a worrying example of how Christianity can be twisted and drafted into the service of a political ideology.” Hilditch also wondered at the “strange impression given throughout the event that attendees believe Christianity is, in some sense, consubstantial with American nationalism.” He worries that our “Founding dialectic between the popular children of light and the elite children of darkness was built into the rhetoric of Jeffersonian democracy from the start… At its worst, it led to the excesses of the John Birch Society, McCarthyism, and, most recently, the voter-fraud truther movement.” Never mind that JBS isn’t even explicitly Christian, that history proves McCarthy was correct, and that vote and voter fraud are both indeed rampant.

Is it legal in America to refuse to hire an insane man because he insists upon being addressed as a woman? Must our public records record a newborn child’s parents as two women? Why is a young man languishing in prison for life after conviction for murder in state and federal court for a car accident? Why do our countrymen insist our children wear masks to prevent the deaths of elderly and chronically ill only alive due to massive and costly medical and surgical interventions? When did it become acceptable for one foreign non-Christian nation to brazenly politic in our capital, donate money to our Congressional representatives, and place it’s citizens within our Congress, while simultaneously a national security threat for a national from a Christian nation to publish an opinion about our political candidates?

We’ve been dissolving families since the 70’s and before: we call it no-fault divorce, child-protection services, and single mothers. Soon, it will be illegal to teach children history because it contains truth. Instead, our minders will teach us their myths, assuming we’re permitted to live.

Mark me: you’ll know it’s bad when they come for the Amish children like they did for the fundamentalist Mormons. By then, you won’t even remember who the Amish are, because they don’t tell you in school.

A Brief Response to “Black Lives Matter” Demands

I’m using as my reference this article published by National Public Radio.

Defund the Police

Agreed. Replace all police with local militia. Every man aged 21 years and older must serve until age 42. Militia service thereafter is voluntary.

No New Jails

Agreed. Most justice may be fairly obtained with fines, restitution, and public sanction. Anything requiring that a criminal be confined for the safety of others would be better resolved by execution of the lawbreaker. The only people deserving of confinement instead of death are the insane.

Decriminalize Sex Work

Agreed. Register all women who sell copulation as a service in a public record. Levy onerous taxes.

Police-free Schools

Agreed. Schoolteachers and administrators who are also militiamen may arrest (or warn) students who commit crimes.

Drop Charges Against Protestors

Agreed, for mere protestors. However, no criminal should go unpunished because he claims to be a protestor. A man accused or arson, looting, battery, or rioting must face his accuser in court and submit to the authority of a jury of his peers.

End Cash Bail

Agreed. No person accused of a crime should walk free simply because he can bribe the government to obtain liberty. If a crime is so heinous that freedom of the accused may endanger others, then such an accused should not be free until he is exonerated.

Ban “Stop and Frisk”

Agreed. “Stop and Frisk” is a symptom of policing which doesn’t know the citizens. A militia solves this fundamental problem by drawing its membership from the community.

And any person who’s so suspicious that a militiaman would resort to frisking should instead be arrested.

There’s more…

…but I’ll confine myself to the referenced list for today.

Kneeling for the Anthem

Lately, leadership at several “professional sports” franchises have expressed support for players who kneel during performance of the national anthem of the United States of America. Some of those leaders argue that few other employers require employees to stand for a national anthem, and neither should they as leaders of “professional sports” franchises.

This may be a defensible argument when made by players and other employees. One could argue that a foreign national should not be forced to subserviently acknowledge another nation’s anthem. Except this isn’t a forced workday humiliation.

These entertainment businesses provide a show for the amusement of spectators. The performance of a national anthem and respectful acknowledgement by all in the stadium is a part of the show. Forcing those same spectators to endure the desecration of the anthem is just another show but it’s a show that that’s unlikely to find much audience.

None of these shows need to include the anthem at all. So if the players kneel on the stage, then that’s in the script.

Another Act of Revenge

One thousand nine hundred fifty years ago, on July 20, Titus ordered Roman forces to attack the Antonia Fortress surrounding the second Jewish temple, the center of Jewish civilization. In August, the Roman forces had destroyed the temple. In September, Rome held the whole city.

Titus did not accept a wreath for his victory. He considered his part in the destruction of Jerusalem divine providence.

Arkansas governor Asa Hutchinson declared that all citizens over the age of 10 shall wear a mask in public or pay a fine of one to five days wages beginning Monday 20 July.

Who does he serve?