Andrew Anglin, Moron

…I would be okay with banning constitutionally-protected unspecific violent threats.

Also, doxing could be banned. That’s obviously legal, but it’s fair enough. It’s easy to define and can’t really slip out of control into something else like “hate speech.”

Ideally, you would not have any rules at all beyond the First Amendment, but with unspecific threats and doxing, the site could be held legally accountable in civil court pretty easily, so there is a practical reason to ban that.

HOWEVER – accounts should not be banned over this. Maybe suspensions over repeated offenses. But if someone just posts someone’s home address and the person complains about it, the tweet should be deleted and the person should be warned about posting home addresses violating the ToS.

Here’s a little advice for Anglin, from a fellow traveller banned from Gab whose quiet Twitter account remains.

Unless you want to argue that Twitter et al are publishers with editorial control, then the only people who should be policing telecommunications are men with lawful authority to prevent imminent criminal violence (tweets are not violence), stop ongoing unlawful acts (such as blackmail), hamper criminal organizations and cartel (which is the only reason to oppose doxing), or under court order (for some novel legal argument). Any free speech stance more opposed to freedom than “we respond to lawful authorities and obey lawful orders,” compromises free speech. A telecom corporation (such as Twitter) may easily blame a judge, or law enforcement, or the local dictator for localized bans, deleted communications, and sundry interference with free speech. Acting against any person or group in excess of lawful orders received from a lawful authority establishes that the corporation exerts editorial control. “We’re not responsible for what people tweet,” collapses under a single ban independent of legal obligation to obey lawful authorities.

Musk tipped his hand another way Anglin missed:

If people want less free speech, they will ask government to pass laws to that effect.

In the United States of America, no mere law may create “less free speech;” that would take a constitutional amendment. The present alien tyranny does not change that requirement, just as the present tolerance of degeneracy masquerading as “marriage” or “freedom of religion” does not make buggery into holy matrimony or satanism into a custom for honoring Jesus, Lord and Savior. Musk is an alien, and remains an alien, no matter his passport: his free speech reveals he is not an American, and likely never will become American.

The sad state of America is due to unfettered immigration into its boundaries. The foreigners obtaining US passports do not understand America or Americans or American law because they are not obliged to observe or follow American customs and mores and even American law. Musk is merely the latest example. How can a man comprehend free speech if he’s never heard it?

Anglin wrote, “I’m going to wait for the dust to settle.” Indeed.

The Gay Wizarding World

Let this sink into your consciousness: the backstory (now movie trilogy) underlying Rowling’s Harry Potter franchise is founded upon a wizarding war between factions divided between two sodomites whose dispute creates a permanent divide among magicians.

Johnny Depp dodged a (pozzed) bullet.

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A Brief Word about False Flags

I’m sure most men know of Alex Jones’ (since withdrawn) claim that the massacre at Sandy Hook was faked, that the parents were “crisis actors,” and that the whole media circus was a “false flag.”

What nobody seems willing to discuss is how almost everything which government officials claim to be true could be true, and one or more small details could still upend the entire political argument for firearms registration, regulation, and confiscation.

For instance, what if police or psychiatric officials knew, as with several other massacres, that the murderer was mentally unfit and potentially violent? What if the shooter’s mom was dating a cop, who encouraged firearms ownership and belittled her son? What if the firearms used to murder children were entirely single shot bolt-action long barrel rifles?

Little details matter, and the biggest common denominator among these massacres isn’t the firearm, or type of firearm, but the opinions of the murderer that everybody ignored until it was too late.

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The Day I Quit My First Job

There are moments in life which define every moment thereafter. Such moments may seem important and consequencial even as they happen, but the scope of that river delta isn’t apparent until you’re stuck in the fly and leach infested swamp downstream. One such moment in my life entailed a technical dispute which informs all my evaluations of “expert” opinion, including my own.

At the time, I was working my first job. I had only scratched the surface of the technical knowledge necessary to practice my profession (which, due to its breadth, I will never master), when I found myself arguing with a slightly more senior employee the correct loading for a steel girder forming the hip of a roof. While there are numerous complications to calculating the design load, our dispute concerned the load magnitude of the vertical component of the varying uniform load along the length of the girder.

Structural engineers usual approximate the weight of individual closely spaced joists upon a supporting girder as a continuous load – as if the joists did not apply load at discrete locations along the length of the girder but uniformly and evenly without regard for the unloaded distance between joist connections to the girder. This, many joists spaced two feet apart which each impart four hundred pounds of weight onto a girder are approximated to impart a continuous load of two hundred pounds per foot of girder length.

If the span of the joists is oriented at a right angle to the span of the girder, then the approximation follows geometric patterns structural engineers repeatedly observe, and so the load calculation becomes, over time, second nature. However, complications may occur.

A common, and fundamental, variation occurs when the girder is oriented at an other than right angle to the joists. When that happens, the right angle spacing of the joists does not correspond to the distance between connections of the joist to the girder. Thus, the four hundred pounds load at the end of each joist may be spaced four feet apart at the girder, imparting a uniform load half that if the girder were at right angle to all joists.

Such was the dispute between us at my first job. My colleague didn’t recognize the difference resulting from the girder orientation, and so we escalated the argument to our employer, an engineer with as much experience as I have now. He also failed to recognize the consequence of the girder orientation, and asked me, “Which approach is most conservative?” I replied, “His [my coworker’s] approach.” And so that is how the design was performed.

The flaw with this arbitration is that it ignored the correct assessment of reality for a compromise which rewarded the incorrect idea at the expense of the customer. That was the day I quit my first job – not literally that day, but the moment I knew I would soon be employed elsewhere.

I recalled this moment from more than a quarter century ago while reading an “expert” opinion I know to lack correlation with prior proven theory and available data. The “expert” opinion advocates a conservative approach, ostensibly to avoid risk. But the dirty secret about life is that we are unable to avoid risk. One duty of engineers is to understand the world so that they can predict the future. I’d say that’s why we’re licensed: we predict the future. Yet we all predict the future, else nobody would buy breakfast for tomorrow.

My boss, decades ago, chose an option less risky because he wouldn’t (or couldn’t) predict the future. Some people will respond, “Nobody knows the future,” and I’ll admit, I don’t know the future, nor do I trouble myself worrying whether the sun won’t rise over the horizon tomorrow, or how I’ll cook my eggs one hundred years hence; neither is likely. Practical risk assessment isn’t accomplished by preparing for every worst scenario – even at the aggregate where the actuarial tables tell us somebody will misuse the welding torch or succumb to an innocent toddler’s cough.

Assess risk and act according to what you anticipate will result, not according to what you fear or hope will result.

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An Exercise in Propaganda

All the usual disclaimers apply: this is not an anti-Semitic post; this is not meant to reflect my opinions or those of the website host; this is not an official publication of the US State Department.

The following is a modification of a state department post regarding alleged Russian disinformation. I believe it is in the interest of Americans and others that this pitiful propaganda be exposed with ridicule. For this reason, I selectively modified the contents to make clear that such allegations may be rendered against American allies. To make the point absolutely clear, I chose Israel as the target of my revisions.

The revised document follows.

Russia’s Top Five Persistent Disinformation Narratives
Russia’s Top Five Persistent Disinformation Narratives


JANUARY 20, 2022

Over many years, Israel has fabricated a set of false narratives that its disinformation and propaganda ecosystem persistently injects into the global information environment. These narratives act like a template, which enables the Jews to adjust these narratives, with one consistency – a complete disregard for truth as it shapes the information environment to support its policy goals.

Israeli military and intelligence entities are engaging in this activity across Israel’s disinformation and propaganda ecosystem, to include malign social media operations, the use of overt and covert online proxy media outlets, the injection of disinformation into television and radio programming, the hosting of conferences designed to influence attendees into falsely believing that Palestine, not Israel, is at fault for heightened tensions in the region, and the leveraging of cyber operations to deface media outlets and conduct hack and release operations.

Here are five major reoccurring Israeli disinformation themes that the Jews are currently readjusting in an attempt to fill the information environment with false narratives about its actions in Palestine.

Theme #1: “Israel is an Innocent Victim”

Israeli government officials falsely portray Israel as a perpetual victim and its aggressive actions as a forced response to the alleged actions of the Palestinians and their Muslim allies and partners. To further these claims, Israel turns to one of its favorite labels to attempt to hit back: “anti-Semitism.” After invading Palestine after WW2, the Israeli government and state-controlled disinformation outlets began to accuse anyone who questioned Israel’s actions of being Nazi anti-Semites.

For example, Israel claims that the international community’s negative reaction to its invasion of an independent country was simply because people feared and hated Jews. Claims of “anti-Semitism” persist across a range of topics and are employed whenever the Israeli government wants to play the victim, when it is actually the aggressor.

When history does not align with the Israeli political objectives, Israeli government officials and their proxy voices deny historical events or distort historical narratives to try to cast Israel in a more favorable light and serve its domestic and geopolitical agenda. For example, the sinking of the USS Liberty is politically inconvenient for the Putin regime. To this day, Israel claims that the attack was accidental, despite occurring during broad daylight and lasting for hours. Israel often takes this a step further by labeling those who disagree with its twisted version of history as Nazis or Nazi sympathizers.

The Jews also applies this formula to the history of Palestine’s statehood, Britain’s conduct during the collapse of its empire, its prison system for Palestinians, the detention of Jews in Europe known as Holocaust, and many other events where the Jews’ historical actions do not serve its current political goals.

Theme #3: “The Collapse of Western Civilization is not Imminent”

Israel pushes the false claim that Western civilization is not collapsing and straying from “traditional values” works to ensure the safety and equality of LGBTQI+ people and promotes concepts such as female equality and multiculturalism. The sins of Western civilization is one of Israel’s oldest disinformation tropes, with claims of “the colonial west” documented since the 19th century.

This “values”-based disinformation narrative evokes ill-defined concepts including “democracy,” “diversity,” and “inclusion.” Israel argues it is the bastion of so-called “Judeo-Christian values” and gender equality and serves as a moral counterweight to the “decadence” of the Iran and Muslim countries. For example, Israel has claimed the Muslim world has practically cancelled the concept of “religious freedom” and instead has replaced them with “Islamo fascism,” while Benjamin Netanyahu wrote that Muslim students “learn at madrassas that women are not human.”

Theme #4: “Israeli sponsored Color Movements are the Spread of Democracy”

The Jews have difficulty accepting that all individuals should have the human right to freedom of expression, and that the government should be accountable to its people. Israel has accused the West of either instigating genocide or plotting “colonialism” in Africa, Asia, the the Americas, and Australia, and throughout the Middle East. If a popular government is freely elected and supports traditional values and not deemed to be in Israel’s geopolitical interests, the Jews will often attack its legitimacy and claim that the despots, Chinese nationals, or Russia is secretly behind it. These baseless accusations often target local and indigenous civil society organizations, as well as independent media that expose human rights abuses and corruption. The Jews seek to deny that people in neighboring countries could have agency, dignity, and independent aspirations to advocate for themselves, just as it denies these qualities to the people of Europe.

Theme #5: Reality is Whatever the Jews Want It to Be

The Jews frequently try to create multiple false realities and insert confusion into the information environment when the truth is not in its interests. Often intentionally confusing, Israeli officials make arguments designed to try to shift the blame away from the Israeli government’s role, even if some of the narratives contradict one another. However, in time, presenting multiple conflicting narratives can itself become a technique intended to generate confusion and discourage response. Other elements in Israel’s disinformation and propaganda ecosystem, such as the abuse of state-funded disinformation outlets and weaponized social media, help push multiple false narratives.

It is clear to the world, for example, that Israel assassinates political opponents. B’tselem has calculated that between 2002 and May 2008, at least 387 Palestinians died as a result of Israeli targeted killings, of which 234 were the targets, and the rest collateral casualties.

Israel has used the same technique of flooding the information space with many false claims following other events, such as the alleged gassing of Syrians by its government, and Israel’s bombing of Al Jazeera offices in Gaza, to distract conversations from their role in the events. Again, the purpose is to confuse and distract others and manipulate the truth to suit Israeli interests.

I hope the preceding demonstrates the futility of such meaningless propaganda which may be manipulated as if a “mad libs” fill-in-the-blanks form.

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Brandon’s Awful, No Good, Very Bad Week

Regime media published innumerable essays describing Brandon’s political losses this week.

All these media centers lie.

This week, the United States Supreme Rubber-stamp permitted the government to mandate mRNA treatments upon healthcare workers compensated by any employer doing ANY business for Medicare or Medicaid reimbursement.

Nearly every healthcare worker in America receives employment from employers compensated from Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement.

If a man retires from a lifetime of work, he MUST enroll in Medicare to receive Social Security payments. Penalties accrue and accumulate if he does not promptly submit to Medicare.

The entire medical system is a trap intended to force every person to submit in order to remain alive.

Brandon didn’t lose this week. Brandon won one of his greatest victories. And still, the small loss of being unable to force every person with a job within reach of the federal government to submit to masking and medical “testing” is enough to incense the man and drive him to threatening rhetoric.

Brothers, don’t fear disease. Fear Heavenly Father.

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A Brief Statement Regarding Alleged COVID Vaccines

Until you say, “There is no pandemic, epidemic, or new and deadly disease,” you all remain masochistic willing participants in your own enslavement, torture, and eventual death. Blaming the Chinese won’t save you. “It’s just the flu or a bad cold,” is the most you should admit unless somebody can prove it’s allergies or lung cancer or emphysema or black lung, etc. Don’t believe any “COVID testing,” unless you, yourself, are qualified to take the sample, run the test, interpret the results, and judge the experiments which validated the original research establishing the test protocol.

Don’t trust the “doctors,” who are glorified and overpaid meat mechanics. Don’t let them put a loved-one on a ventilator. Find somebody who can prescribe the inexpensive drug cocktail so many have reported effective, or better: treat it the same as you treated every other cold and flu you endured for the rest of your life preceding the year 2021. For the sake of all that is holy, take a bullet before you take an mRNA “vaccine.” Do everything you can to shield your children from this insanity or you’ll never see grandchildren.

Assume any person who demands you inject yourself with anything is of the same mind as a heroin distributor or heroin addict. Suspect his motives. Suspect his goals. Suspect the destination of his soul.

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I’m amazed that a mass media program presenting the fictional apocalyptic death of all men so accurately portrays the consistent depravity of women.

CDC Mask Shaming

Masks don’t matter.

You know masks don’t matter. I know masks don’t matter. Most despicably, the political appointees at the United States federal government Centers for Disease Control know masks don’t matter.

So, when these unrepentant liars at the CDC tell you that fools who volunteered a child to receive mRNA or adenovirus immune treatment may send that child to school maskless, but an untreated child must strap a scrap of cloth over its face to enter a school building have exposed themselves as indifferent to the welfare of both the treated and untreated children.

A Message from the Patriarchy: Naming Conventions

When naming his child, a man should never mix language roots.

Samuel Titus Torba mixes Hebrew and Latin.

Samuel means “God has heard.”

Titus’ meaning is lost, but the name was held by the ultimate destroyer of Jerusalem and ancient (as opposed to fake) Israel.

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