Because somebody’s got to object!

I’m confident that the media will dwell ceaselessly on the Obama vs. Romney exchange regarding the death of four embassy staff in Libya, including the U.S. ambassador. What bugs me most about it was Obama’s chastisement of Romney for accusing the President and his staff of politicizing the event, or not taking it seriously, followed by the moderator’s inaccurate correction of Romney. I was not interested in her attempt to referee between these two men.

Neither candidate came out looking perfect last night, but I am past sick and tired of Obama’s insistence that his actions are above contempt by virtue of the office to which he has been elected. A less tempered man than Romney would have beat the President senseless.

Which makes me think, perhaps Romney ought to goad the President into striking him. I think seeing Obama lose his cool would illustrate for the public to his intolerance of dissent.

Basic Instinct

I’ve been buried under a variety of personal concerns the last several weeks, but I’m taking a short breather to comment on a movie I watched again for the first time in many years: Basic Instinct.

First off, I was up late Saturday night when I stumbled upon this gem among the “watch again” list on Netflix. Decades ago, I included it as a double-feature with Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. Strangely, not one member of the audience of one film viewed the other. I guess they missed the shared themes. The feminists among you can probably sort those out.

I’m writing this post to share with you that I realized, upon perhaps my fourth lifetime viewing of the film, that the reason I like Sharon Stone’s Katheryn, is that she takes the time to learn all the intimate details of her protagonist’s life, and then loves him. So often, love stories get this backward, men and women pattern lives on that inversion of reality, and then reap the opposite of what they expect.

No more wisdom: go investigate somebody.

A Message from the Patriarchy: Abortion

It has come to the attention of the Patriarchy that certain females believe that the Patriarchy is responsible for the proscription of abortion. This is true. The Patriarchy opposes abortion. The important thing for you to understand is why.

The Patriarchy values all life. Women matter to us. Children matter to us. Why else do you think the honorable among us confine slaughter to one another? When you abort a pregnancy, you kill something. What is that something?

We leave you to make your own determination. We made ours. Now you know why.

Saved at the Last Moment

It appears I won’t starve after all.

My return from the farm was greeted by an unauthorized debit to my business account, leaving me with an other than ideal bank balance. I already spoke to the vendor and I expect it’ll get resolved shortly, but the impact certainly complicated the weekend.

I started today with a long conversation with my favorite client about a construction contractor error. All will turn out well in the end, but when one person makes an error, all the other errors by every party to the project get magnified. Most everything concerning my work is in order, but we still went through the motions of an extensive discussion of every minute error and omission that might possibly, maybe, remotely impact the project. Fun, that.

Afterward, a “new”client called and notified me of several relatively small projects they were sending my way. This is great news because it solves my bank balance problem and confirms my decision to fire the other client. So, money is coming into my bank account soon, and there’s more beyond that for at least a little while.

For anybody who cares, Mom’s getting “procedures” today. I’ll post on that again if it strikes me as pertinent to anything. I’ll probably visit again festival weekend.

After returning to my routine at home and reconnecting with friends and associates here, I’m convinced she’s not “all there” any longer. Eventually that’ll require action, and I’ve begun discussions with family to that effect. A friend she visited told me she sounds really lonely, and such comments tug at emotions, but my mom’s had a life full of friends. As I pull away to preserve my own sanity and well-being, I’ve begun to wonder if others are doing likewise and she’s finding herself alone as a result. My father, as he ages, is less likely to respond to the attention-getting tactics. I believe she interprets this as disinterest; I know he’s merely trying to keep emotionally disengaged from some of her incredibly hurtful and mean insinuations about his motives. I’ve begun to wonder if he would be safer divorced – and that’s tough to even contemplate.

Back to work.