Really Hard Choices.

Other than a choice one can perceive as the difference between life and death, there is very little reason to choose the “life-altering” choice when a choice that does not alter one’s life is available. Life-altering choices rarely profit.

Regardless, what is your husband’s decision? He should not escape his responsibility to decide on behalf of your marriage, nor should you permit him to assign a “life-changing” decision to you. Any “life-changing” decision will impact your marriage, so such decisions are not yours to make. Even a decision regarding your medical health is his to make, as it would be if your were incapacitated.

You should be seeking counsel for your husband, not yourself.


Sometimes parenting is really, really hard. I was presented with an option that will cause significant changes to our whole family. Moments later I cried … for an hour or more. My heart is wringing inside.

How do I make such a life-altering decision? I don’t want to do it. Is it an answer to prayer? I don’t know yet.

I’ve cried off and on since. I need sleep. I need Jesus. I need wisdom, discernment, discretion, knowledge.

I have a relatively short time period to make this decision. I need to do some serious research, seek appropriate counsel, and above all, I need to pray.

Sometimes life is just so freakin hard.

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