An Injun Advocates Against the White Genocide Meme

Thanks to a bit of down-time, I have an opportunity to evaluate a Vox Day post over at Vox Populi. The topic: use of the “white genocide” meme.

Vox doesn’t like it.

…the #whitegenocide meme simply does not achieve its purpose …because it is a misguided attempt to use dialectic in the place of rhetoric.

For us ignorant jack-asses, Vox provides a useful link to his book, SJW’s Always Lie: Taking Down the Thought Police, just in case we don’t comprehend the words dialectic and rhetoric. As I just wrote, I am an ignorant jack-ass, but I’ll attempt a brief summary of what the smart-pretty bronies mean when they use these strange terms about which we’re so ignorant.

Dialectic and rhetoric are part of what’s called the Trivium, which was the fundamental educational components of Hellinistic Greece (not to be confused with Mulatto Greece, a bankrupt subset of the modern European Union so shitting the war refugees refuse to settle therein). The third part of the Trivium is grammar, with which we ignorant jack-asses have a passing familiarity, up to the point we are told that an Oxford comma isn’t necessary, and no, one doesn’t require an object to follow a preposition, “that’s so formal.” So, broken into its components.

  • Grammar is the means by which we communicate and the methods by which we communicate clearly and unambiguously.
  • Dialectic is the means by which we may reach reasonable conclusions through communication of differing ideas.
  • Rhetoric is the means by which we communicate our ideas convincingly within a dialectic.

So, if all ya’ll other dumb donkeys are still with me, Vox is saying this.

…the #whitegenocide meme doesn’t [convince others white people are being killed] because it’s trying to engage a reasonable conversation rather than communicate convincingly.

See, that makes so much more sense, doesn’t it[Insert proposed irony punctuation here.]

To his credit, R. Vaughn, of twitter fame, responds that Vox evaluates #whitegenocide for the wrong audience. His opinion is that #whitegenocide is a wake-up call, akin to shouting, “Fire,” in an auditorium that’s actually alight. Vaughn is right, of course: nobody expects non-white ethnics to care if all white people end up dead. From their perspective, white genocide is a good thing. Nevertheless, Vox persists with his argument.

When people think of “genocide”, of what do they think? What is the one single word that immediately springs to mind when someone says “genocide” to you? It’s not “Holocaust”, it’s not “Jews”, it’s not “Rwanda”, it is “bodies”. We are all programmed to think of stacks of bodies, limp and scrawny and robbed of all dignity, when we hear the word “genocide”.

Well, where are the white bodies? They don’t exist.

Now, I suppose there is some credence to this li… No. That’s just plain lying. A passing familiarity with US murder statistics makes plain the ongoing murder of whites throughout this country, disproportionately by other ethnicities. Whole white families killed in their homes by Africans, mulattos, and mestizos are a common event. Throw in all the random robberies “gone wrong,” rapes ending in murder, and white children dead to mud-shark boyfriends and you have a data set of such huge proportions that it takes the entire Cathedral apparatus to keep the MOUNTAIN OF BODIES under wraps – and that effort is failing, else Vox would have no readers.

Whence comes this false statement, that the white bodies “don’t exist?” Well, friend donkey, like all deceivers, Vox likes to rub our noses in the confidence game he’s playing.

 I am an avowed Red Nationalist myself, and I suspect even the most rabid white nationalist has no problem with sovereign Indian reservations… As an American Indian, I hope enough of them are wise enough to exercise that right before they, too, are forced upon their own Trail of Tears amidst the shattered remnants of Western Civilization.

Let that settle into your thoughts. The Injun doesn’t like the #whitegenocide meme. He thinks it’s too negative and ignorant jack-asses would adopt something more positive and less triggering. After all, nobody believes whites are victims of genocide, and nobody ever will believe whites are victims of genocide, right up to the day the last fair-skinned blue-eyed blonde boy is castrated to protect the community for patriarchy. Vox says, “White people have the unalienable right to live in white societies if they so choose.” Indeed, I agree that WE ought guard OUR societies from alien influence for the sake of OUR posterity.

Pray tell, what does Vox propose as the alternative?

 I would suggest that white nationalists use hashtags such as #WhiteAmerica, #WhiteWest, and #Whatifwewon, combined with positive imagery, if they want to gain more traction among those who value Western civilization and find white people attractive. Another option would be #WAGA, or White America Great America, which would be an effective spinoff of the Trumpean #MAGA.

That last one, #WAGA, is really funny, mostly because it’s a lame version of the-meme-that-dare-not-speak-its-name, MAKE AMERICA WHITE AGAIN! The others? White America simply provides a convenient label for other ethnics to describe their enemies. White West is no better: it even provides obvious alternatives, such as Rainbow West. “What If We Won?” is similarly poz’ed from the outset. If this is the best the Redskins have to offer, it’s no wonder so few remain. [“White if we won,” would be much more effective, in my opinion. It begs the question, “We won, right?”]

All that aside, it’s fitting that we ignorant jack-asses respond with a positive message to counter the racist negativity of Injun Vox.

Underway in America today is a tremendous movement, founded by Donald Trump immediately following Romney’s loss to Obama: Make America Great Again. The Red Nationalists aren’t a part of that movement, even less so than the White Nationalists. America was a white nation, but we lost the country in… pick your date; I’ve got mine. We propose to at least establish a nation based upon the premise that we can honor one another with sufficient respect to forego the endless ethnic contests within our government and work toward that goal we all share: a safe place for our children and their children, and a bulwark against the darkness and terror outside our borders.

There is space within the Make America Great Again movement for every type of racist, sexist, homophobic Islamophobe. Why? Because every man who wants to Make America Great Again can contribute to the effort to Make America Great Again. There is no religious holiness test, no ethnic purity test, no sexual chastity test. A man can hate Papists and Jews, despise sluts and faggots, and segregate his family from niggers, mulattos, and mestizos, yet still Make America Great Again. How is this possible? How can a man be despicable to his fellow man and still Make America Great Again? He works for the benefit of his nation, and ALL THE PEOPLE IN IT. On the other side, Peter Thiel can go to the Republican National Convention as a Trump delegate to Make America Great Again. That’s the power of the movement to Make America Great Again.

Politicians and pundits in The Current Year are fond of describing the plight of one so-called minority purportedly American ethnicity or another. We are endlessly subjected to the plight of Injuns, Jews, Faggots, Mestizos, Blacks, and every other combination one can imagine. Almost never do we hear of the plight of Americans without a hyphen and prefix ethnicity: LGBT-Americans, Mexican-Americans, Native-Americans, African-Americans, Jewish-Americans, Catholic-Americans, Mormon-Americans. Why is this? There are arguments out there about how the Cathedral uses this approach to divide ethnicities that might otherwise align; the example of the SPLC’s alignment of Blacks against Whites in the South provides ample proof of such theories (not hypotheses). Yet they always falls woefully short. Peter Thiel and @Nero provide interesting examples of what happens when the usual alignments fail, as do numerous examples of Black and Mestizo supporters of Donald Trump and his movement: these efforts at interest-group advocacy aren’t about supporting one group over another. The purpose of these interest-group advocacies is to balkanize the greater nation.

So, then, White Nationalists are just as guilty as Red Nationalists, right? No, although I can comprehend your confusion, and this serves us well as we dumb donkeys examine Injun Vox’ rhetoric advocating against the White Genocide meme. The (in-)effectiveness of the White Genocide meme does not lie in its (non-)appeal to non-white ethnics, as Vox claims. Nor does it lie in the “wake-up call” to white ethnics proposed by R. Vaughn. It doesn’t even gain traction with the shitlorderry of Heartiste. The cry of White Genocide is effective because it is despised, dismissed, and delegitimized by not only the Social Justice Warriors that Injun Vox purportedly abhors, but also by Injun Vox himself.

Let’s provide another example. Very recently, as I write this, Marvel Comics published a major plot twist to the Captain America narrative. Captain America, it seems, is a Nazi, and always has been a Nazi. A sleeper agent, no less. Mind this: Captain America was created by Jews to argue for US entry into World War 2 against Nazi Germany. He was invented in 1940, and first published in March, 1941, BEFORE THE WAR. It featured a purportedly American hero battling a foreign national against which the nation was not at war. Captain America is a MEME targeted at white Americans who believed in the superiority of American military and moral might, but it was created by two men who were sons of Jewish immigrants, born under the names Hymie Simon and Jacob Kurtzberg. [No, that’s not a jest; those are the actual birth names.] The men sought to foster support for a war in behalf of co-ethnics living in Europe. That effort, among others, was incredibly successful, and America eventually entered the was against Germany. Fast forward 75 years. Captain America has served his purpose as the rallying meme for Americans against German opposition to Jewish influence in Europe, so what’s to be done with a pale-skinned, blonde, blue-eyed hero of American Whites who oppose Diversity(tm) in America? Well, that hero that saved the world from Nazis is now a Nazi himself. Worse, he’s a secret Hydra agent, which is even worse than Nazis. Who will rescue us from the White Captain America? Black Captain America. It’s as if the SPLC wrote the entire narrative, which makes sense when you realize the SPLC is mostly Jewish and has been writing this script since its inception.

I can already hear you panty-wastes complaining about my anti-Semitism. Well, Jack Ass has answers to your bellyaching.

  1. I am atheist. It follows that I am anti-Judaism, anti-Islam, anti-Mormon, anti-Catholicism, anti-Hinduism, anti-Buddhism, and (mostly) anti-Christianity. [Note the differentiation between Christianity and its descendent cults.] Name a few more religions if you like. I probably oppose those, only I don’t conflate ethnicity with religion.
  2. I am NOT opposed to any man on the basis of his ethnicity alone. He has to advocate and act against my interests to earn my hate. Jews consistently do this.
  3. I am against people who try to tear down my country. Jews have a consistent history of debasing America.

Besides, all that’s not the point. The point is that Captain America is a successful meme that can be subverted for alternative purposes exactly because he is a successful meme. If you ignore the ridiculous retroactive continuity, Nazi Captain America is a meme ripe for hijacking: America is so poz’d that Nazi Captain America is more loyal to the American populace than debased Captain America. It’s ironic, isn’t it? Captain America is such a successful version of superior American moral character that it’s not sufficient to kill him and replace him with a mulatto (Ultimate Spider Man): Captain America must be made into a Nazi, retroactively. America is so hated that its comic-book hero, Captain America, must become the enemy against whom he once battled. He has become the meme White Genocide.

White Genocide is a meme with a very deep purpose: it exposes traitors and aliens. White Genocide is the white ethnic’s loyalty test: denying it betrays one as a traitor or an alien.

Well, where are the white bodies? They don’t exist. -Theodore Beale

Peter did better before the cock crowed.

Vox is wrong about one more thing: swastikas, confederate battle flags, white-hooded riders, red-cross-emblazoned shields needn’t be removed from banners uniting white nationalists. Such proposals make as little sense as redesigning the flag of the Saudi monarchy to remove “Allah” lest it offend atheists. Robbing a nation of its symbols, especially those symbols around which it has spent blood, is most likely to rouse men to arms.

Is Vox triggered by the words White Genocide. Do swastikas offend his symbolic sensibilities? Good. That means the meme is memorable and symbol is convincing.

Permit me to close with some artistic license.

It was not part of their blood,
It came to them very late,
With long arrears to make good,
When the Cracker began to hate.

They were not easily moved,
They were icy — willing to wait
Till every count should be proved,
Ere the Cracker began to hate.

Their voices were even and low.
Their eyes were level and straight.
There was neither sign nor show
When the Cracker began to hate.

It was not preached to the crowd.
It was not taught by the state.
No man spoke it aloud
When the Cracker began to hate.

It was not suddenly bred.
It will not swiftly abate.
Through the chilled years ahead,
When Time shall count from the date
That the Cracker began to hate.

#TrumpOrRevolution : Choose one.

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