Trump calls Limbaugh to argue that murdering an Iranian general in Iraq at the invitation of the Iraqi government isn’t a war crime.

It’s demoralizing to see our southern border ignored in preference to bombing brown people. It’s confusing to hear the Trump threaten a nation we “freed” from a “dictator” when its people decide they’ve had enough of US military occupation. It’s enraging to imagine my son conscripted into a war on the other side of the planet when we’re facing an invasion here at home.

War in the Middle East

Last week, the meandering conversation of several men in the lunchroom stumbled into the first Gulf War. At the time, I interjected, “I’m so glad we sent our soldiers to the Middle East to help the Iraqis; life for them is so much better.”

I’m pleased to observe this week’s events have proven my hope justified.