Democracy Failure Mode: Demagoguery

The Roman Catholic Church is part of the Cathedral and another ghoul gnawing on the rotting corpse of civilization. Regrettably, we are obliged to build anew Frankenstein’s monster from the disparate and dispersed corpses of many great civilizations scattered across our globe. Fortunately for us, there is much sinew, bone, and blood from which to stitch our new monster and the Cathedral has inadvertently provided us the tools necessary to bring life to our creation by scattering real data and discoveries among the lies and obfuscations.


[By the time I had written Section IV, I had to concede most of this post summarizes, abridges, and adds on to parts of An Open  Letter to an Open Minded Progressive.  Also, it took until Section V to actually get to my thesis.]

“A lie can travel halfway round the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.” – often attributed to Mark Twain

“If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth.” – often attributed to Joseph Goebbels


A while ago I wrote about a moment when a friend described my research for my blog posts as “sitting in his living room.”  That wasn’t the first time I had thought about the amateur nature of my writing, and it won’t be my last.  I suspect most of my fellow bloggers are in a similar position; smart, reflective, and not credentialed in any way in…

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Progress, Process, and Dead White Males

Well-thought examination of modern power-structures and a concise explanation of the Dark Enlightenment’s discovery that hereditary monarchy has benefits.


[Going to tie a few seemingly unconnected thoughts together here.  Buckle up.]


In middle school, I had a history class that began with some historiography.  We learned about different ways history had been portrayed and understood.  The gist was that the Great Man Theory of history, in which powerful, capable individuals were the force which led their peoples to their destinies, was outmoded.  In its place, modern historians looked at historical events as confluences of many events, situations, conditions, etc, and this was more scientific, accurate, and meaningful history.

Tied into this was discussions of variations on the theme of divine right to rule, of which I remember precisely three concepts: traditional Western divine right, and the Chinese concepts of Mandate of Heaven and Filial Piety.  These tied back into the historiography in that these three concepts provided socio-religious explanations for a certain power structure, just as…

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Felons Should Vote

Of the total population, 2.5% are felons barred from voting. Most of those are men, so about 5% of men are barred from voting. About 25% of black men are barred from voting. Yet we all wonder why black men riot and steal when authorities reporting to elected officials kill a black man, and why other men don’t bother voting when our government has the authority to disenfranchise any person who oversteps the law.

Legislation without representation: good for birthing nations.

“Comments Are Enabled Until I Ban Ted Colt’s IP number “

LOL [Check the comment section] I think he likes me. Always with the compliments!

It’ll be funny watching the Vulture track my IP through several ISP’s and geographic locations, never mind simple IP masking. Should I switch to anonymous or random username comments just for giggles? Wouldn’t it be easier for him to just approve/disapprove comments? It’s not like he gets all that many.

Also, does this meet the definition for what Anita Sarkeesian does when faced with thoughts that offend her?

When you tear out a man's tongue you are not proving him a liar