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Article: On “Choice” Feminism and Internalized Misogyny

Here’s a question, and honestly, I’m not trolling. Answer, ignore, delete, whatever.

If feminism appears to be the mode civilization takes when men relinquish sole control of society and permit women equal opportunity, and we conclude feminism destroys civilizations, then do we also conclude that women, at the aggregate, aren’t equipped with qualities required to support civilization?

I say this because the feminist arguments are slowly eroding my opinion that women are competent members of society deserving respect, even for any particular individual woman.

Philosophies of a Disenchanted Scholar

I was looking for something else and this is….. something. I don’t even.


Internalized misogyny is the “involuntary internalization by women of the sexist messages that are present in their societies and culture.”

Basically, that means that we hold misogynistic ideas ourselves, even though we are women. It’s involuntary….

For example, think about the ways in which men and women sit differently in Western society. Just take a look around you and observe on a train, in a doctor’s office, or even a restaurant, if you can’t think of any differences.

You’ll probably notice that men tend to sit widely, with their legs open, and women tend to sit with their legs crossed or together.

Why is this? Obviously women aren’t born with the instinct to sit with their legs together, nor are men born with the instinct to sit with their legs apart. It’s socialization.


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Sex Code

“Since sex no longer leads to pregnancy, [men must invent] creative… ways to leave an impact on a woman (and women need to feel more of an “impact” from their man, since they aren’t actually having his child anymore.) This is what leads to perversion.”

Perhaps we ought come full-circle and reintroduce the ultimate perversion in a world where good is evil and evil is good: fertile sex. “Eww! They’re making babies!”

Hipster Racist

1. “Blacks on blondes” porn is bought by white men. It’s a form of cuckold fetish, which has its root in sperm competition; it’s also why the “money shot” is found in porn. I hate to say it, but the cuckold fetish seems awfully strong with quite a few racist anti-black whites. Make of that what you will, the long screeds about how white women just love them some big black cock. Oh really?

2. The idea that porn inevitably leads to BDSM – that BDSM is the “final perversion” – is so silly as to be laughable. You’re scared to spank your wife, we get it, but trust me many of us aren’t. It’s the same people that see a picture of a fully clothed woman in handcuffs and think it’s “porn” – scared of their own reaction, one suspects. “Damsel in Distress” is universal human trope, and…

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Marry Fuck Kill

Two bits of wisdom from Hipster Racist for the tome of Dark Enlightenment

“…we had a highly visible group of upper class, educated women that ran [the abortion clinic] Planned Parenthood and existed precisely to make sure that [low value] girls… didn’t actually reproduce.”


“Girls just wanna have fun, and now thanks to birth control, the boys and girls could. So, when choosing between different girls – since family formation was off the table – it became [a choice based upon] which girl sucked dick better…. that’s [not] what [the abortion clinics] Planned Parenthood and the [feminist sexual liberation] Birth Control movement had in mind.”

Hipster Racist

Henry Kissinger was asked what his job really was, what did it mean to be a “consultant” to the ruling class. Kissinger said his job was simple, he took the needs and interests of his clients, and articulated those needs and interests into an agenda that could be enacted.

Read it twice, it is a bit more subtle than it might appear on the surface.

I’ve always thought of myself as a natural negotiator. I was always the guy stopping fights and arguments, always the referee making sure people played fair. I like to think I have a fairly high level of emotional intelligence and I have an overabundance of empathy. Some of the women commenters are probably rolling their eyes, but if I sound like some mean misogynist online, trust me, in real life I’m considered quite charming.

So once, Ryu claimed that I was “the best White Nationalist…

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