Another Sister Lost To The Madness

The Patriarchy approves this post, with the following cautions.
The Patriarchy opposes butchery of healthy and functioning sexual organs. We love women as they are. We accept homosexuality as a demographic inevitability resulting from several as-yet uncertain causes. We do not object to “butch” females. Remain female. Copulate freely with the gender you choose. We trust there is sufficient love for all.


I was at the store the other day when I heard one of the most heartbreaking things that a dyke can hear one of her sisters say. It was a convenience store, so when we all stood in line and were then waited on, we were all side-by-side facing the 2 clerks behind the counter. When I got up to the counter, this young butch dyke who was helping me was talking to a young gay man (customer) next to me. I would guess they were both around 20 years old. The young dyke was saying that she didn’t know how to tell her mom something, which being gay, made my ears perk because hey, we’ve all been there, right?

Then she says that her mom already knows she is a “lesbian” (she used air quotes there), but that she wasn’t a lesbian, she was “trans” and “wanted to live…

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A Message from the Patriarchy: And Now the Victims Come for You, Too, Privileged White Woman

A Message from the Patriarchy: And Now the Victims Come for You, Too, Privileged White Woman

There’s a new movie out, “12 Years a Slave.” You ought to see it, but save it for Red Box. The reason you need to see this is not because of the story of the man kidnapped and made a slave. You need to see this so that you can comprehend the moment in our history when it became okay to demonize white women equally with white men, and to demonize white women as a class. describes one of many moments. Don’t be fooled by Jezebel’s purported motive.

Chateau Heartiste and other anti-feminists may have a point

I’m sitting here listening to a woman talk (from a written speech – Oh! The Pain!) about how normalized sexual activity doesn’t represent the true range of sexual exploration. Is there something wrong with a long talk about sexuality that fails to arouse?

Is it stereotypical for obese women to include nude photos of fat women?

Something about this whole talk seems angry and discouraging.

Why such an emphasis on “safe sex?” Oh, that’s right, she’s also advocating libertine multiple partner arrangements.

“I don’t condone cheating, but I understand why it happens.”

Paraphrase: “If your partner cheats, it may be your fault.” Also, “I advise people who stay with unhappy sex partnerships that they’re hurting your children.”

“You love your friends and family, and they’re having sex with other people.” Therefore, if you’re married, you can have sex with other people, and that’s okay, too. (Okay… I’ll try that argument and see how that goes.)

“If you want to try… every kinky thing you can think of, do it.”

There is a video, so there will be links when I link all of Reason in the Rock speakers.

“Deviant sex is any harmful or non-consensual relationship.”

From a commenter (smart lady). “Back in the 70’s, open marriage was ‘the thing’ and marriages and people were destroyed by spouses who eventually bonded with partners outside the marriage.” – (no kidding, this shit can ruin lives).

This woman’s in for a rude surprise when she hits the wall.

A Message from the Patriarchy: We Are Not Responsible for Religion

I’m sitting in a banquet room at Reason in the Rock, watching Greta Schiller’s film “No Dinosaurs in Heaven.” So far, a good film. I’ll let you know what I think when it’s through.

In the meantime, I’d like to reflect upon some thoughts from today’s speakers.

In the morning, Lecia Brooks with the Southern Poverty Law Center discussed the “State of Hate” in America. Among many remarks (most of which I might quibble) was some data I know is true: the majority of church membership is female.

I, along with many others, have remarked before about the consistent irrationality of religions and theology. Less often, though the thought is normal within the PUA community and Dark Enlightenment, writers remark upon the irrationality observed among women. While this purported irrationality among women may be overstated, the consistent observation and comment upon it seems consistent with commentary among atheists about religion. So, my Brian is primed for another speaker.

Darrel Ray spoke regarding damage to personal sexuality done by religion. His remarks included several references to “Patriarchy,” in the context of overseeing religions. While there were a set of statements regarding how religion damages a man’s perception of sexuality, all the examples he provided also included as a consequence of that damage negative perceptions of women. The examples for women did not include a similar relationship to men.

After pondering his sexuality talk, I’ve concluded that it wasn’t helpful to men and boys. Yet again, as with so much talk about the Patriarchy and Patriarchal religion, there appears to be an attempt to blame men and specifically fathers for religious ideas. But here’s what doesn’t make sense to me: if most church membership is predominantly female, how is that the influence of Patriarchy? I don’t recall my father pushing religion hard in the home except as a consequence of his relationship to his wife, my mother. My (admittedly anecdotal) evidence from friends seems to support that notion, with a few exceptions. I just don’t see how men can maintain such a religious system of female subjugation without a large and supportive demographic contribution from men, and it isn’t there within churches.

So, here’s the thought: religion is matriarchal, not patriarchal. Religion requires belief in something irrational, and men don’t typically find satisfaction in “comforting” notions of a loving deity – or even a vengeful deity. Men want reality.

Greta’s film was good, BTW. Not earth-shattering, but good.