The Perfidious Shrew

after my grandmother divorced him, my grandfather took a trip overseas and returned with a flip bride – while the divorce was tough, this young gold-digger younger than my mom really hurt my mom in a way that was eventually relationship-breaking with my grandfather. I wrote-off my grandfather about 20 years ago

eventually, she divorced my grandpa and took my alleged* half-aunt with her to her marriage with another flip – and my grandfather still behaved like both were family

he and my grandma both died about 8 years ago, and my family has mostly recovered, but we don’t receive Christmas cards from them since he died, and there’s no loss to that

[*my grandmother, upon learning that my grandfather had fathered another child, said to my mother, “That’s hard to believe. I’m pretty sure he had himself fixed decades ago.]

anyway, I hate flips, without exception. my advice to the young man is to clear the criminal charges and then disown the child if a paternity test proves its his