A Message from the Patriarchy: Asian Women Sexualized

The Patriarchy was recently briefed regarding the Victoria’s Secret Geisha Controversy. Be advised that the Patriarchy will not follow the misguided leadership of a lingerie company. We value asian women and asian culture. Therefore, we sexualize and objectify asian women and asian culture. Absence of sexualization and objectification is absence of valuation. Asian women aesthetically please and asian culture inspires. These qualities in no means belittle asian accomplishments or intelligence. Proscription of sexualization and objectification does. Compare to proscription of sexualization and objectification of those mentally incompetent. We will not join in such an insult to asian people or culture.

Oiled objects

Oiled objects.
Lazy lovers aching attention granted mangled muscles gratifying my motives.
Fleshly fragranced slick skin teasing tastebuds.
Exigence excuses groping grip’s pausing pressure.
Slickly slide fumbling fingers caressing crotch.
Tangible taste of salty sweat beading balmy on shiny skin.
Rutting, reflecting lantern light sputtering shadows across ashen colored curtains.
Tactical tongue chasing channels through thoroughly straining stretched skin, scaling mounts, mounds, pierced peaks, whirling whorls.
Pausing patiently…
Gathering gasps, seeking sighs, monitoring moans.
Calming quiet, quieting peace, peaceful sleep, sleeping dream.

Back to the Future

About 20 years ago, my life went briefly on hold so I could tend to my mother when she was ill. At that time, I was also struggling with university studies and summer employment, so it wasn’t as if I wasn’t available. It appears I am in a similar situation today.

I am fortunate that my business workload permits me to take time off for a short bit to drive one state away then spend a whole day driving my mother about from one appointment to another. Still, I feel as though I remain trapped in a cycle that started in my teens years and continues to the present day. First, my mother becomes ill, then much of the family drops everything to help her get a diagnosis and recover, then we take turns seeing that her needs are met with doctors and treatments and diets and medications, then she eventually gets better, only for another apparently unrelated illness to take hold. I wonder how much of this is selfish attention-getting and how much is honest need for assistance where any person would be unable to soldier onward alone.

Since I have children and others dependent on me at home, when do the needs of those important people in my life finally trump the needs of my mother? As I sit relatively idle in another “waiting” room, I am forced to contemplate how best to spend my life when faced with a parent’s recurring needs.

My grandmother protested against my mother’s insistence that she seek medical care; my grandmother trusted neither the doctors nor my mother were interested in anything other than needlessly spending money to sate their feelings about her health. I suspect she would have been pleased to die a bit earlier if it netted her more time to do as she pleased. My mother, by contrast, spends considerable time in self-examination and medical, psychological, and “spiritual” care. For all the attention she seeks, I observe no measurable improvement in her life. Her home (formerly my grandmother’s spotless residence) is still littered with every imaginable “necessary” purchase or reclamation scattered in seemingly random piles on every unoccupied surface throughout the house. She seems incapable of establishing even the most rudimentary business relationships for the farm. She repeats stories of how she was cheated years ago, even if she has told the story several times before, and even if she is politely reminded that we have heard the story. While perhaps it is good that she’s “seeing somebody about her issues,” I can’t see that it’s helping any more than the frequent medical doctor appointments.

All this from a woman who managed to raise two boys mostly alone until we were nearly teenagers and hasn’t had much stressful responsibility since. I clearly don’t understand and cannot empathize. So I smile and try to remain sufficiently disengaged emotionally that none of it upsets me.

It appears I’m ranting. Back to my book reading. I hope you all fare more productively than me today.

Down on the Farm

I’m in the country tending to family in need this week. Hopefully the need is minor and all will be well here by tomorrow night or perhaps Thursday morning, as business and family back home in the city is calling.

One treat to being here is reading the local paper: a small town affair that includes such tidbits as fundraising for a women injured in an accident who didn’t have insurance to pay medical bills. All the local football teams, obituaries that aren’t limited in space (and have names I recognize), plus adds for acreage with believable prices. Things like that always make it hard to return to the little city.

Another Message from the Patriarchy: Page 3 Girls

We have recently become aware of increasingly loud complaints regarding the exposure of women’s breasts and general female nudity in public media, specifically print media. Among these complaints are those regarding a certain princess of the English. The Patriarchy disclaims these publications.

Female nudity is simple to obtain, as these publications have demonstrated. Women line up for the opportunity to be photographed nude so long as they believe themselves worthy, no matter how fleetingly, and on many a groundless pretext. Male participation in this endeavor is predicated on its monetary value. Men do not subscribe to gossip rags nor purchase such at news stands. Should we wish to see a princess topless, many such images may be obtained from free sources sans the superfluous details of her motivations, lifestyle, and despot-in-waiting husband. We care not one whit for her tits, and many superior examples may be personally inspected for as little as a few hours investment of flattery, time, and money.

Women are responsible for the display of nude women in media. Women revel in the disgrace of their competitors. Women seek humiliation of other women. Women agree to be displayed nude for admiration or ridicule. Women disrobe in public settings. Women succumb to the trickery IN HOPE OF GAIN without true effort or sacrifice. Women exchange their beauty for fleeting praise.

The Patriarchy can’t save you. You want freedom? This is it. Show us your tits. Show us your cunt and ass. Don’t you blame us for the derision you receive for doing it. We like tits, cunt, and ass. We know their purpose and power. We revel in it. It’s your “sisters” that fear their power. They fear the power it gives you when you’re willing to trade on what we value. Why else slander women who choose to marry men, bear their children, and raise them? We do no such thing. Women who partner with the Patriarchy earn our respect, honor, and favor. We care not where you show your tits, especially if you feed our sons and daughter with them.

Please, advertise. We’re always seeking new partners. Our cause could use a few good women. However, we recommend you choose other publications. We don’t read tabloids.

Not a quiet neighborhood

Cops and fire engines gathered around the corner in my otherwise quiet neighborhood tonight, complete with a woman crying on the front porch. I saw the lights first, but there was no sign of an ambulance. Small comfort, I suppose. It appears an ass was at fault, but since I didn’t see anything, that just conjecture.

This incident makes twice this summer, so I may go to the effort necessary to obtain the police report so I can sort out what’s causing the trouble and steer clear. Nuisance.

A Good Day

I took a long circular business trip today to “observe” two project sites and visit my best clients. Fuck-ups aside, everything went reasonably well. The trip puts me behind on other work, but the visit was productive and generated some future projects probably starting next year. Coupled with projects ending this month and beginning next month, things appear encouraging. Wonders never cease.

Also, I’ve got some more control over some personal finances. As I said, wonders never cease.

Romney Speaks Truth; Mass Media Object

As you may already know, Romney spoke to an exclusive fund raisers’ group earlier this year and stated at that gathering that he wasn’t courting those Americans who aren’t paying taxes because those Americans have nothing to gain from a Romney presidency.

Duh. We all knew that. Obama supporters just don’t like admitting that they’re not self supporting. I don’t understand why. After all, they “didn’t build that,” the government did. Never mind how that government is funded.