Mensch is from Mars

Left at the Lights

What is Louise Mensch? Why is she? In my experience she is what most of Twitter would define as a troll, not the fun kind but the sort that has the ability to incite hatred and violence. I readily apply the word vile™ to her, as it describes her personality perfectly, vile narcissist that she is. Mensch is the kind of woman I hold up as an example of when it is our duty to fight another woman. She doesn’t qualify for sisterly solidarity just because she has the nerve to identify as a feminist, I am of the belief that right wing and equal rights for women do not mix (human rights cover women too y’know). If anything, Mensch, like all other power hungry upper class feminists is fighting to secure her own place at the oppressor’s table to the detriment of us all.

We had a run in…

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Chauncey Devega fantasizes about black men shooting white men pre-emptively

The whole poem.

‘Twas on a winter’s morning,
The weather wet and wild,
Three hours before the dawning
The father roused his child;
Her daily morsel bringing,
The darksome room he paced,
And cried, ‘The bell is ringing,
My hapless darling, haste!’

‘Father, I’m up, but weary,
I scarce can reach the door,
And long the way and dreary, 
O carry me once more!
To help us we’ve no mother;
And you have no employ;
They killed my little brother, 
Like him I’ll work and die!’

Her wasted form seemed nothing,
The load was at his heart;
The sufferer he kept soothing
Till at the mill they part.
The overlooker met her,
As to her frame she crept,
And with his thong he beat her,
And cursed her as she wept.

Alas! What hours of horror
Made up her last day;
In toil, and pain, and sorrow,
They slowly passed away:
It seemed ‘ as she grew weaker,
The threads they oftener broke,
The rapid wheels ran quicker,
And heavier fell the stroke.

The sun had long descended,
But night brought no repose;
Her day began and ended
As cruel tyrants chose.
At length a little neighbour
Her halfpenny she paid,
To take her last hour’s labour,
While by her frame she laid.

At last, the engine ceasing,
The captives homeward rushed;
She thought her strength increasing
‘Twas hope her spirits flushed:
She left, but oft she tarried;
She fell and rose no more,
Till, by her comrades carried,
She reached her father’s door.

All night, with tortured feeling,
He watched his speechless child;
While, close behind her kneeling,
She knew him not, nor smiled.
Again the factory’s ringing
Her last perceptions tried;
When, from her strawbed springing,
‘ ‘Tis time!’ she shrieked, and died!

That night a chariot passed her,
While on the ground she lay;
The daughers of her master
An evening visit pay:
Their tender hearts were sighing,
As negro wrongs were told,
While the white slave lay dying
Who gained their father’s gold!

Contrasting Sanities

Permit me to dumb this down a little.

1. Biological variation within humanity (human bio-diversity aka HBD) and correlating cultural diversity may include diversity of psychological baseline health.
2. If this is true, then there may be psychological conditions that are healthy for an individual depending on that individual’s environment.
3. Such psychology would be adaptive for some conditions, and therefore sane, but mal-adapted for other conditions, and therefore insane.
4. Pre-modern human civilization would entail very limited variation in cultural environments, so sanity may be reasonably expected to be universal in our ancient and recents past, certain anomalies and idiosyncracies not withstanding, however; modern civilization entails such a degree of economic specialization, that a civilization norm for sanity may not be possible due to diversity of environments.
5. Taken to a futurist extreme, it is plausible that interdependent economic sub-cultures may develop within a civilization, each with various psychological norms for sanity.
6. The social movement in modern society generally called “progressive” appears blind to the apparent dichotomy required to promote a diverse society that simultaneously maintains a unified psychological norm.
7. It may be worthwhile for us – modern civilization – to explore what makes any particular psychology more or less adaptive, and shift focus awat from “correcting” psychologies that diverge from established norm.

The American Society of Civil Engineers – Fail.

So, I received another invitation to join the American Society of Civil Engineers. The latest offer (received several times) has been to received two years membership for the price of one year. Presumably, I’d pay the regular price for years thereafter. I’ve already checked the cost/benefit analysis, and I can’t find any profit in the membership. The discount on publications doesn’t justify the expense. The local chapter isn’t worth my time, much less my money. The magazines and publications that come with the membership don’t provide solid engineering guidance for my practice. Overall, it’s money poorly spent.

On top of that, the partially completed form they sent me for the membership application included the wrong name and contact information. Not exactly confidence-boosting.

So, when next you hear about poor highways and infrastructure, remember, it’s brought to you by the American Society of Civil Engineers, where competence and accomplishment is subordinate to diversity and academic certifications.

Please, don’t take my word for it. Read about why civil engineers ought join ASCE here, and about ASCE policy statements here. My favorite policies may be found below. [Bold is mine.]


The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) supports and encourages the equitable opportunity for participation of all people within the civil engineering profession without regard to race, ethnicity, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, or physical challenges[because construction sites aren’t physically challenging]

…Diversity is important to the future… the future workforce pool will be increasingly female and nonwhite [because…why?; also, why won’t the CE workforce be increasingly black to better represent under-represented African-Americans, specifically, or more gay or disabled?]. Progress has been made over the last several decades on acknowledging and addressing these matters, but there is still work to be done.


“[ASCE] recognizes… the need for social equity in the consumption of resources.  To achieve these objectives, ASCE supports the following implementation strategies: 

-Promote broad understanding of economic, environmental, political, social, and technical issues and processes as related to sustainable development;

-Advocate economic approaches that recognize natural resources and our environment as capital assets [belonging to ?];


The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) supports the following …

-Establishing …plans at federal, state and local levels that promotes [sic] reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and timely adaptation to the effects of climate change…;

-Establishing …targets and time frames for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions;

-Incorporating …incentives [financial support] for the short term development and implementation of high efficiency and low or zero greenhouse gas emitting technologies and cost-effective carbon capture and storage of emissions …;

-Stimulating private investment in greenhouse gas reducing technologies by establishing a market value for greenhouse gas emissions over the long term; [cap and trade]

-Encouraging the use of …financial mechanisms [such as taxes and fees] to reduce greenhouse gas emissions; and

-Encouraging actions by other countries to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. [Kyoto protocol.]

If current trends continue, by the end of this century atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations could be twice what they were at the beginning of the industrial revolution.  These increased concentrations could contribute to climate change, including severe precipitation events, increases in global average temperatures, droughts (and associated wildfires), floods, and rising sea levels.  With time, these changes could become more pronounced with attendant weather, disease, and national/global economic disruptions

Of Cars and Bars.

Automobiles often assault the tavern I visit three or fewer days a week. The latest attack happened Friday, and the assailant fled without accepting responsibility. So did the driver.

Today, as I kill an hour, a local television station, KARK, dropped in for the obligatory visit. The female minority reporterette interviewed somebody present for the assault, recorded video, and departed. For those interested, they completed an illegal left turn upon arrival. Scofflaws, those journalists. Because I’m especially enjoying this beer, I thought I might relate a few details before returning to parenthood.

1. The reporterette would never be caught dead in this joint. I think she’ll take a shower as soon as possible. [To her credit, this is a seedy bar.]
2. Are all cameramen distastefully ugly? Don’t they recognize that this is especially incongruous with the reporters and reporterettes they accompany?
3. Is this the best television news can manage: reporting on a three-day-old story whilst genuine corruption is rampant?