Whom In This Video Do You Hate?

I’ve not reblogged anything in ages. This earns it.


1. The young man saluting the statue?

2. The policeman?

3. The young woman speaking with the policeman at the end of the video?

Watch the entire short video before deciding.

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Dixie Stampede

it’s like the bible, it never changes, but I notice things…

the chickens representing the south in the chicken race are both white

all the dogs in the dog race are abandoned mutts adopted from shelters [crowd cheers]

“that was close! loser, would you like another chance”

ps: Dixie Stampede soup ingredients include leftover game hens & potatoes

pps: Dolly’s voice opens & closes the show. That’s not a good thing.

88 Words

Daily Stormer published an essay reporting the progress of German genocide. It reminded me of the 88 words of 14/88 fame. For those that aren’t aware, the ’88’ in ‘1488’ usually associated with neo-Nazis and white nationalists refers to 88 words from Mein Kampf (‘My Fight/Struggle’), Adolf Hitler’s notorious book written during his incarceration for attempting a revolution in Weimar Republic Germany.

In English,

What we must fight for is to safeguard the existence and reproduction of our race and our people, the sustenance of our children and the purity of our blood, the freedom and independence of the fatherland, so that our people may mature for the fulfillment of the mission allotted it by the creator of the universe. Every thought and every idea, every doctrine and all knowledge, must serve this purpose. And everything must be examined from this point of view and used or rejected according to its utility.

Based upon the ongoing genocide in Germany, it appears that when the German Republic – the so-called ‘Third Reich” – lost, the German people lost as well.

PS: The ’88’ may also refer to a host of other things, depending on your frame of reference. Among the purported opponents of white nationalists and neo-Nazis such as the Southern Poverty Law Center and Wikipedia, ’88’ generally is taken to refer to the exhortation “Hail Hitler!” according to the numerology of the letter ‘H’ within the alphabet. It may also refer to the 88 Precepts of the late David Lane, a neo-Nazi / white nationalist, who, I suspect, used ’88’ as a known symbolic number for his enumeration.

Finally, ’88’ coincidentally matches the length of Hitler’s address to the Reichstag upon declaring war against the United States. You may find a description of that event here.