Reason in the Rock

This post is was live from Reason in the Rock. Check back here and I’ll post links to video recordings as they become available. Links posted.

So far, all is well. Attendance isn’t quite room-filling, but it’s pretty close to full – not bad for an inaugural event. I’m taking a modest hit to be here, but it’s well worth the effort to attend see so many good people in one place.

A nice perk was meeting a colleague at a competing firm. I guess we’re both outed, at least to one another. Always a great moment!

[Updated links 04 June 2013.]

[I can add more links and attributions upon request.]

Sky Brower

Sky is the motivation and heart behind Reason in the Rock. Sky put together this conference while simultaneously navigating tough personal shit. I love this guy, and hate that my life keeps me from spending more time with him. The guy’s a “liberal” but don’t hild it against him.

The woman who Anne Orsi (Aramink) introduces Sky may self-identify if she so desires and I’ll link her blog.


AronRa’s an old hand at this atheist thing. This is a AronRa at his most restrained. His website and YouTube links may be found here.

Jerry DeWitt clip (more to come…) HERE IT IS!!! Also, his book is on the way. Preorder here.

Jerry DeWitt is my favorite atheist advocate. At heart, the man is a humanist, and he explained what that is, and how most small-community religious leaders are the same, at Reason in the Rock.

JT Eberhard

JT hails from the Ozarks of Arkansas. He’s a guy that’s clearly emotionally engaged in pleading for folks to come to their senses. If you’ve ever been stumped by the “Stalin was an atheist” argument, JT gives you the response. Find JT’s blog here.

Lauren Lane

This video does justice to Lauren’s insanity. Please don’t report her to authorities. She does better outside padded rooms.

Cindy Cooper

Nice girl.

Teresa MacBain

Somehow, I was less impressed the more time I spent with her. Yes, I know this isn’t recommending you watch the link. Do it anyway.

Mike Thom

Mike’s talk was rough around the edges, but the guy is real – not some “speaker” or “spokesman” from on high. This guy drove down from the Arkanss Ozarks, which proves, to me, that not all barefoot hicks are ignorant. Hope springs.