Some thoughts about current economic conditions

This isn’t the medium in which to pursue a detailed discussion, but here are a few observations based on my own personal financial situation.

1. My growth investments, mostly US stocks with some mutual funds managed by my investment advisor, still seem on track to double real value every 7 years. Based on that, folks are still working and aren’t yet “going Galt.”
2. My business, which I started in 2010, appears to be profitable for at least the next several months, and earned sufficient profit to recoup almost all initial my capital investment. Workload may soon justify my first hire or contract labor; legal obligations complicate these decisions.
3. Rural real estate value does not appear to be falling. NE Texas timberland and farmland still appears to approach $4,000 per acre, as does eastern Arkansas farmland. Poor mountainous acreage in Arkansas seems to hover between $1,000 to $2,000. Existing homes seem to hover around $70/SF, which seems a little low to me, even for track homes.
4. There’s still lots of building happening in several construction sectors, including retail and other storefront commercial (not much office). The fees for federal work appear to be rising, also, which reflects some construction career exit by older construction professionals, but also better private-sector opportunities.
5. Like the post-depression era folks, I think many Gen-X’ers are making concerted efforts to shed debt and never take debts again. That’s a cultural shift worth monitoring. For example, I’ll be paying my daughter’s private-university tuition even if I must sell plasma. So far, I don’t think it’ll come to that.

A Message from the Patriarchy: Feminist Vitriol

So, this comment response posted at Sam’s blog regarding her disappointment with British policing of Twitter comments (to Sam’s credit, death threats should be treated credibly, or at least admonished as uncouth):

@tteclod, You’re the one who is sleeping sweetheart. Oh yeah cos racism doesn’t exist anymore does it? It’s all just those pesky ethnic minorities and their silly little imaginations isn’t it? How dare we point blame at nice, white people who would never do anything wrong? We must know our place I’m sure, and not worry about racism. Well; ofcourse you would say that. You’ve probably never been the victim of it. If 20 policemen jump on a black man and call him coon, oh that’s not racist. But if a black man gets a promotion, let me guess. That’s reverse racism right? Hypocrite. Just because police sometimes target white people too, it doesn’t mean they aren’t racist to people of colour. Oh and as for your pedantic little point about topography? Really? That’s the best you can come out with? You like trolling comment boards don’t you?

In the interest of full disclosure, my comment thread at Sam’s blog was as follows.

tteclod June 14, 2014 at 1:34 am :

No, Sam. Wishing Britain would drown in rising oceans isn’t incitement, it’s merely ignorance of topography. Take a train to Fort William and climb Ben Nevis. The fresh air would do you good.

Also, here’s a bit of advice. The police don’t care about anybody. The same men who send police to maim black babies in cribs whilst searching for proscripted drugs will send hit squads to kill a middle-age white Christian church leader stopping at a convenience store for the crime of giving money to a drug addict.

The problem’s got nothing to do with race or gender. We’re all potential victims.

Sam Ambreen June 14, 2014 at 3:07 am :

Some more than others.

tteclod June 14, 2014 at 3:19 am :

Sleep, Sam.

Alright, so let’s take this point by point. I guess that’s the autistic engineer in me.

You’re the one who is sleeping sweetheart.

My comment regarded her timestamp. She was up VERY late, into the wee hours of the morning. My comment regarded the hour, nothing more.

Oh yeah cos racism doesn’t exist anymore does it? It’s all just those pesky ethnic minorities and their silly little imaginations isn’t it? How dare we point blame at nice, white people who would never do anything wrong?

I never claimed there is no such thing as racism. I live in the southern United States. Racism, the belief that “races” of humans possess divergent traits that breed true, is common where I live, and over much of the earth, for that matter. What strikes me as odd about your comment is that your accusation contains within it racist assumptions, that being that “White” people are uniformly racist. I’ve always found this assertion ironic, fallacious, and specious.

We must know our place I’m sure, and not worry about racism.

Here’s the thing, I would never advise you to not worry about racism. I sure as fuck pay attention to those little skin color differences when I’m travelling between Interstate Highway 630, Barrow Road, and Asher Avenue. (Google Earth that!) Most American cities have an Eight Mile. The trick is learning how to cross that division without coming home bloody. The difference is that most black folks in the US needn’t worry about what happens if they’re walking along the sidewalk at 2 am in a white neighborhood – except the police might come calling, or George Zommerman might ask you what you’re doing out late at night. In either case, you politely answer the question. It’s what White folks do among themselves, since we’re all trigger-happy psychos with guns, dontcha know.

Well; ofcourse you would say that. You’ve probably never been the victim of it [racism].

Look, I’m not interested in competing amongst “who has had the worst inter-racial encounter with ultra-violence.” I prefer punching other white guys. Among ourselves, there’s no confusion about motive. You’re a prick, so I slugged you, and I did it when you weren’t ready, ’cause this ain’t about being fair, it’s about beating the living shit out of you for being a waste of human flesh. When the target doesn’t have the same skin color I do, people tend to get confused about motivations. Yes, I hit you in the back of the head with a broken beer bottle, but I swear I did it because you hit my sister / kicked my dog / threatened my daughter / robbed my cousin – whatever. The whole situation get’s completely misunderstood because nobody seems capable of comprehending that people beat other people for reasons besides skin color.

If 20 policemen jump on a black man and call him coon, oh that’s not racist. But if a black man gets a promotion, let me guess. That’s reverse racism right? Hypocrite.

This accusation is not related to my comment. I cautioned Sam that the problem is not racism; the problem is the attitude of police, generally. “Officer Safety” trumps everything – including public safety. In the case of Twitter death threats, Sam responded to threats with threats. The officer, who just doesn’t give a fuck about any subject of the British crown, advised her that her complaint might result in counter-charges, then let the thing drop. To address your hypotheticals directly: both are racism – presuming the perjorative “coon” is meant in the southern vernacular, and the black man received the promotion on account of his skin color. The same would be true if the police jumped a white man and called him, “cracker,” or a white man received a promotion based upon the color of his skin as proxy for his racial heritage.

Since you seem to want a similar narrative, here’s mine. Many years ago, when my college-age daughter was still in diapers, another car drove into mine while I was turning onto a roadway. In my opinion, the collision was the fault of the other driver (a man who left the scene in police custody for an unrelated arrest warrant), but the policeman didn’t agree. It could have been that the passenger in the other car was a pregnant woman: who knows? In any case, my anger at the policeman’s decision didn’t assist my argument, and nearly led to my arrest. As it was, I got my emotions in check, saw a judge some weeks later, and despite the initial police opinion, the moving violation was dropped from my record. Sometimes, the best you can do in a particular moment in surrender to the situation and fight another day.

Regardless, what’s hypocritical is the accusation of racism based upon the race of the commenter. Arguments don’t have skin color.

Just because police sometimes target white people too, it doesn’t mean they aren’t racist to people of colour.

Just because a person spells color, “colour,” doesn’t mean that person’s British, but it works in a pinch.

Let’s try a thought experiment – fuck that, let’s just deal with reality. I live in a city where a significant proportion of the police force is black-skinned. If those guys want to put me in jail, they can probably find a reason. Heck, the incoming police chief is black. If this is going to be about retribution, I guess I’ll be selling my house. Yet in Sam’s city, West Midlands police are British – that means white people – protecting a cosmopolitan population from knife-wielding wackos attacking worshippers in mosques [refer to your local news]. Let’s make this clear: barring reason to believe they should have caught the guy before the attack, ya’ll’s cops are out there facing knife wielding crazies with tasers and “knife-proof” [read: knife-resistant] vests where any self-preserving American police officer would enter a mosque full of wounded worshippers, see a guy with a knife, and open fire with his Glock 9mm. Ya’ll have it pretty good. Same goes for Sam’s complaint. Try this stuff with the Little Rock Police Department and see where it gets you. You’ll be lucking if you’re not laughed out of the station and advised to seek mental health treatment. When you’re getting death threats, that’s the wrong police response, but it’s the response you will get, all the same.

Which leads me to the difference between theoretical racism and functional racism. If a police officer discriminates against you because you happen to have the wrong color skin, then that’s racist, in theory and practice, but if you live in low-rent apartments in a high-crime neighborhood so bad the grocers left and all that remains is a few liquor stores, you hear gunshots many nights, police and ambulance sirens sarenade (sp?) you to sleep, and your neighborhood has half the housing boarded-up, and armed guards at the elementary school entrance, then no matter your color, the police response to your request for assistance will differ from that of a person of any color living in a mansion on the ninth green of the country club when he sees a stranger of ANY description jump a fence into his back yard. The police know what happens when those last few good neighborhoods fall: we call that Detroit.

Ya’ll (and here I mean to say feminists who are also something else purportedly socially significant) call that INTERSECTIONALITY. Or you used to call it that. Now I sometimes wonder if you call pure racism intersectionality. I admit the whole intersectionality thing is a boon for the Patriarchy, such as we are. See, we totally “dig” intersectionality. Heck, we use it all the time, but in the positive. “Sure, he’s black, but where’s he from?” “Sure, he’s black, but is he married?” “Sure, he’s black, but how’s his golf game?” You get the idea, I’m sure. Imagine, for a moment, that I’m exactly as racist as you think I am. Why the fuck would I ever deign to correspond with you? Can you guilt a Nazi willing to gas Jews by the thousands? Can you shame the Grand Wizard of the KKK? Can you convince men who’ll drag a black man by a chain behind a pick-up truck that they’ve done wrong? Fuck no. So when you use “doubleplusbadspeak” to try and establish that I’m evil, I’ve got to ask you, “If I’m as bad as you think, what the fuck keeps you alive in my presence? The purportedly racist police? My purportedly absent conscience?” Get a fucking grip on reality. Racists aren’t occasionally discriminating. They are, at best, occasionally discreet.

Oh and as for your pedantic little point about topography? Really? That’s the best you can come out with? You like trolling comment boards don’t you?

I sometimes wonder at the use of insults and shaming by feminists. So, rather than fall prey to that, I’ll own it. Yes, I’m a pedant. I keep track of all the little details. In my profession, it’s what makes the difference between well-constructed buildings and collapse. It also means I spend more time than I like teaching folks things they ought know, when perhaps I ought instead ask WHY THE FUCK IS SAM WISHING FOR THE DESTRUCTION OF A NATION BY FLOODING! ISN’T THAT FUCKING NUTS! So, yeah, I chose the pedantic response instead. It seemed more forgiving, and perhaps more likely to elicit thoughful reflection. As for “trolling,” have you ever been? Do you even understand the fucking concept? What the fuck do you expect I’d want to catch at Sam’s blog? Grief? Anger? Fallacy?

So, Jay, you continue to live in that hellish mental prison . I “troll” Sam’s blog because I genuinely empathize with her position, even if she and I may disagree about why she’s facing such difficulty. And for what it’s worth, I think shit like you poison her with every word. If she wants to block me, the code is easy enough, I comment with my WordPress account, my IP isn’t masked, and you can link to my blog by clicking on my handle above my comments. Fuck’s sake, it’s not like she hasn’t blocked me before.

A Message from the Patriarchy: Perhaps All the Fallacies of Feminism in One Advocacy Essay

“…a single mother should not be called a “cunt” for drinking.”

Correct. That label is generally earned for using her cunt to get a child, while not bothering to negotiate child support from a father (ideally by marriage, ya’ know, that millennia-old legal tradition by which men and women agree to sexually reproduce and support children).

Taming the Mammoth: Why You Should Stop Caring What Other People Think


Uh, no. This is all wrong. “Authentic Voice” is not a good idea. Yes, know yourself. Yes, don’t be ruled by social fear. But this “true self” happy-talk is something alien to DE, and the PUA’s sure aren’t selling it. DE teaches, instead, that you are subject to certain limits imposed by reality, that this reality can be manipulated to your advantage, and that many people around you in modern western culture have been taught a model of reality that is not predictive of real outcomes for proposed actions. If a person reading the linked essay is steeped in modern western social mores, that person’s “authentic voice” will not provide accurate guidance regarding reality. The break with fantasy comes invariably with the realization that the advice of our culture is non-predictive for outcomes for recommended strategies. The Red Pill moment is may be compared to George Costanza’s decision to do everything the opposite of his intuition – he ignores not only the Mammoth, but his own “authentic voice.” When the truth of reality becomes apparent, that’s when change happens, and that’s when life shifts into something wondrous.

Originally posted on Philosophies of a Disenchanted Scholar:

“Your Authentic Voice, somewhere in there, knows all about you. In contrast to the black-and-white simplicity of the Social Survival Mammoth, your Authentic Voice is complex, sometimes hazy, constantly evolving, and unafraid. Your AV has its own, nuanced moral code, formed by experience, reflection, and its own personal take on compassion and integrity. It knows how you feel deep down about things like money and family and marriage, and it knows which kinds of people, topics of interest, and types of activities you truly enjoy, and which you don’t. Your AV knows that it doesn’t know how your life will or should play out, but it tends to have a strong hunch about the right step to take next.

But in today’s large, complex world of varying cultures and personalities and opportunities and options, losing touch with your AV is dangerous. When you don’t know who you are, the…

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Dread Techlord: Why to Worry about the Dark Enlightenment


Your premise and understanding of Neo-Reaction is poor, but your proposed defensive actions are sufficiently thoughtful to at least warrant comment. here goes.

1. Anti-union sentiment exists in part because unions failed to successfully combat international trade agreements, market shifts, and entrepreneurial competition with established unions. Despite assertions to the contrary, no person may be forced to hire a union employee, even if the alternative is criminal punishment up to and including death. There are men among the Silicon Valley who would make that choice if that was the only one available. Other will simply leave union-enforcing jurisdictions for other jurisdictions. Exit is a key principle of Neo-reaction.

2. Collectivist thought relies upon progressive change to assert power. Neo-reaction, in contrast, advocates for first-principles legal standards and ancient and established law. Were your suggestion that liberal leadership slow change, most neo-reactionaries would respond by offering their established proscription of rapid change – even arguing that the shift from modern society to a neo-reactionary society should be gradual. You cannot defeat an argument your opponent created by adopting that argument.

3. Intersectional thought is divisive, not uniting. It is already wrecking the feminist movement. If you are serious about opposing Neo-reaction, you should oppose – not support – intersectional theory. Observe the deafening silence from the Dark Enlightenment regarding intersectionality. That isn’t an inability to combat the argument. It’s a recognition that intersectional theory can kill feminism, an outcome neo-reactionaries will applaud.

Originally posted on Erasmuslijn:


The “Dark Enlightenment” or Neo-Reactionary movement (“NRx”) has been the object of curiosity and condescension as its most high profile writers and adherents in the tech industry attract more mainstream coverage. The perils of the NRx’s sexist, racist, and hyper-capitalistic techno-utopian thought are evident to most observers. Rather than write off the movement as a nerdy non-entity that is beneath one’s concern, it is important to see how this reactionary strain is uniquely positioned to cause severe damage in the event of a social crisis that leaves people open to anti-liberal beliefs. This is a situation which has been made possible by the persistent libertarian ideology of elitist tech sector employees, whose material advantages leave them uniquely positioned to spread reactionary thought and practice. As remote as the possibility may seem, the potential explosion in popularity of NRx ideas gives a strong incentive to begin laying down frameworks of opposition against them today in the form of labor organization and…

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The Responsibility of MRA’s for a recent man-killer.

Regarding a Facebook link posted by an aquaintence.

Ben, you don’t know the first thing about the men’s rights movement, nor this madman’s non-relationship with it, or you’d be capable of contributing something other than the usual nonsense spouted by ignorant men who haven’t read anything written by any men’s rights advocate. This latest loon frequented a website called PUAhate, known for advocating AGAINST so-called pick-up artist websites, which are men’s advocates who almost universally advise men to avoid deep emotional expectations for women, since it tends to lead toward exactly the kind of obsessive and dangerous behavior just witnessed in S. CA.

Also, since we’re talking about misogyny, would you please explain the gender disparity of the body count, why he started stabbing his male roommates first, how one of three shooting deaths is male, why he promised to kill all sexually active MEN, and several other things that don’t make a lick of sense for somebody motivated by misogyny? Can you tell me which pro-PUA websites he frequented, or which MRA’s he quotes? Miss Valenti sure didn’t in the article you linked.

While we’re discussing this article you linked, how about you explain Miss Valenti’s assertion that, ” Rodger, like most young American men, was taught that he was entitled to sex and female attention.” Is this how you were taught to think? Do you support her assessment of American men? Do you want to paint your fellow countrymen with that libel? What about me? Do you think that’s the approach that’s got me through 20 years marriage, or a daughter set for college? Exactly how much longer must we all endure such bologna in place of truth?

Also, have you done the basic homework to ferret out from media reports his family’s anti-gun background, or his hatred for his brother, or his subscription to The Young Turks (not a conservative misogynist bastion, that bunch). Was he reading RooshV? Return of Kings? Was he a lurker at Chateau Heartiste? Did he have Paul Elam on speed-dial? Did he subscribe to YouTube’s “GirlWritesWhat” or Amazing Atheist (a well-known anti-feminist) or Redonkulous? Was he reading MGTOW websites? Gosh, in tens of pages of biographical info, does he say anything about even Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck? ‘Cause if he doesn’t what’s your f’ing EVIDENCE for this claim that MRA’s have anything to do with this tragedy? Have you even skimmed his written statement for any of his thoughts?

No, sir, I don’t think so. To use the MRA’s jargon, the man was “blue-pill” all the way. He believed his race, his money, or his superficial appearance mattered, when any MRA/PUA/MGTOW website of any note will repeatedly proclaim all that means nothing. He hated successful men, when every MRA/PUA/MGTOW advocates observation and emulation. He blamed others for his problems – especially men – when nearly every MRA/PUA/MGTOW utterance is about personal responsibility, no matter the social and cultural barriers to success.

If only he’d contacted some branch of the men’s rights movement, then maybe somebody could have helped him learn how to interact with women successfully and in terms he could comprehend, maybe he’d have got laid, and maybe nobody would have died. If only.

But that’s not what happened. Instead he found PUAhate.

So, go ahead, Ben, start an MRA hate group. Let’s see what that gets us. Just keep that shit away from my son, ’cause I’d rather he loved people, especially fellow men, and didn’t stab his roommates as preamble to a killing spree.