Kneeling for the Anthem

Lately, leadership at several “professional sports” franchises have expressed support for players who kneel during performance of the national anthem of the United States of America. Some of those leaders argue that few other employers require employees to stand for a national anthem, and neither should they as leaders of “professional sports” franchises.

This may be a defensible argument when made by players and other employees. One could argue that a foreign national should not be forced to subserviently acknowledge another nation’s anthem. Except this isn’t a forced workday humiliation.

These entertainment businesses provide a show for the amusement of spectators. The performance of a national anthem and respectful acknowledgement by all in the stadium is a part of the show. Forcing those same spectators to endure the desecration of the anthem is just another show but it’s a show that that’s unlikely to find much audience.

None of these shows need to include the anthem at all. So if the players kneel on the stage, then that’s in the script.

Don't bother.

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