When an Act Becomes an Identity

I don’t know if it’s a Chinese curse or not, but we do indeed “live in interesting times.”

Today the Supreme Court of the United States of America expanded the legal definition of “sex,” that is the paired biological function by which most life on earth replicates, to include homoerotic behavior and sexual degeneracy. Further, it ruled that individuals and groups which express such perversions do so innately, thus trumping any argument at law that a decision to habitually engage in such health threatening acts is avoidable. The initial instance at law – whether or not an employer may dismiss and refuse to hire people who engage in self-harm which also endangers the public – provided ample excuse for these jurists to declare a lies to be truth and the truth to be lies.

Two purportedly Christian justices, Roberts and Gorsuch, joined the majority in this mockery of judgement. Their votes made the difference.

Don't bother.

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