Andrew Anglin Writes Truth

But my thing here is: I’m not exactly sure why this would be considered inappropriate.

I mean, we’re shooting little boys with puberty-blocker hormones to chemically sterilize them in advance of cutting their dicks off. The state is literally mandating it. A little threesome action is the virtual ideal of sexual innocence in this modern culture.

UPDATE: Katie Hill since resigned from Congress.

I never thought that my imperfections would be weaponized and used to try to destroy me and the community that I have loved for my entire life. For that, I am so incredibly sorry.”

This confuses me. To which imperfections does she refer? Is a bisexual female Congressional representative supposed to refrain from bisexual relationships? Or is the problem that she maintained a sexual relationship with a campaign staffer or Congressional staffer (like McCain)? Is the problem embarrassing nude photos? She looks healthy and fit. Smoking marijuana from a bong? Isn’t that mostly legal now?

Somebody please help me understand what offense drove her to resign. I can’t believe it would be shame, but that’s all I can imagine.

Don't bother.

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