White Supremacy is a Hoax

The latest move by Conservatism, Inc., is to say, “There are no White Supremacists. Tucker Carlson started the meme yesterday, and Rush Limbaugh gave the claim a boost today. So, I tried a tactic ya’ll might appreciate: I called in and identified myself as a “White Supremacist.” Predictably, Limbaugh didn’t want to talk to me, but that’s not what caught my attention.

When I claimed to be a White Supremacist, the call screener – not Snerdly today – tried to argue with me and tell me I’m NOT a White Supremacist. It was bizarre. She actually pushed the talking points about people coming from all over the world to become Americans, among other civic nationalism arguments.

Watch for this is the coming months: the next push in the “Republican Party” will be to absolutely deny the possibility that anybody can be a “White Supremacist” because such people don’t exist.

Don't bother.

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