Biblical Capital Crimes

[Minor edit 19 February 2019]

What follows is an ongoing enumeration of all crimes (sins) listed in the Bible for which the penalty is death. For simplicity, I omitted the method of execution. I organized crimes I consider to be subsets under the broader crime. A more extensive discussion may be found here.

  • Idolatry
    • Witchcraft
    • Prognostication (False Prophesy)
  • Murder
    • Infanticide
  • Impiety (as a category, not a crime)
    • Blasphemy
    • Disregarding Sabbath
  • Disregarding Authority
    • Battery Against Parents
    • Insulting parents
    • Disobeying parents
  • Sexual Degeneracy (as a category, not a crime)
    • Rape (the only defense a woman may have for alleged adultery)
    • Adultery (a man fucks another man’s wife, or betrothed wife)
    • Fucking a woman and her daughter or granddaughter
    • Fornication by the daughter of a Priest
  • Enslaving by Kidnapping
    • Kidnapping for any purpose
  • Perjury (punished according to the crime falsely alleged, thus a falsely alleged rape would earn the perjurer the death penalty)

If you find one I’ve missed, please tell me.

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