The Best Women Can Be.

I wandered over to Daily Stormer and read Anglin’s take on Gillette. Among other advice, he also countered Michael Foster’s lies.

“Making money, having a car, being kind, buying expensive shit… all of that is not needed to fuck women. What you need to fuck women is to fix your head and stop putting yourself below them.”

From my perspective as a man married with kids for almost 25 years, there is no practical difference between what a man needs to “fuck women”, generally, and fuck one woman, exclusively. Christians might use different words, such a headship, but I’m not aware of any scripture advising men to impress other men to get a woman.

If you seriously hope to get a girl and marry her, the Gospels include several examples where Jesus cold-opens a woman who would have married him if Jesus offered. I guarantee none of the Jewish churchmen would have recommended Jesus as a husband.


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