Marriage and Family isn’t an “Option”

The choice is marriage (and family) or cut off your dick. It isn’t, “You can have a family if you want.”  It’s, “If you fuck a woman, you married her, and you live happily ever after.” If you love ’em and leave ’em, then you’re an adulterer by being a maker of adulteresses.

His disciples [said] unto him, “If the case of the man be so with his wife [he cannot divorce his wife because her eventual remarriage is adultery, and that makes him a party to adultery, and thus an adulterer], it is not good to marry.”

But he said unto them, “All men cannot receive this [following] saying, save they to whom it is given.

“For there are some eunuchs [men without dicks], which were so born from their mother’s womb: and there are some eunuchs [men without dicks], which were made eunuchs [men without dicks] of [by other] men: and there be eunuchs [men without dicks], which have made themselves eunuchs [men without dicks – in Greek, ‘made themselves eunuchs’ is a single-word verb] for the kingdom of heaven’s sake [for the sake of the church which is the assembly of Christians]. He that is able to receive it [cut off his dick], let him receive it [cut off his dick rather than marry].”

This from the guy who advised men to cut off a hand or cut out an eye if it will lead to sin (and damnation).

Marriage isn’t an “option:” it’s the only permissible way for a man to fuck. According to Old Testament scriptures, the act of fucking constitutes either marriage (fucking a woman not married) or adultery (fucking a married woman) or rape (fucking a woman without permission – which a husband can’t grant to his wife). Since scripture commands humanity to “be fruitful and multiply,” the Christian standard is a lifelong bond of a wife to her husband (and only her husband) initiated by copulation, with no provision for postponing children, and only modest provisions for temporary abstinence from sex. A wedding ceremony only publicizes which woman is attached to which man so that nobody can later claim ignorance.

The alternative to marriage is meant to be harsh because the assumed state of men is marriage, not celibacy. A man is assumed to fuck women, banned from fucking men, and so required to never divorce the women he fucks.

The only exception to “never divorce” is for a man whose wife fucks another man (adultery) – then he can quit the marriage because it’s already over. If a man mistakenly fucks a whore who later fucks another man, then he’s off the hook. On the other hand, if he intentionally fucks whores, then that’s fornication, which is forbidden to Christian men.

That’s not great news for Heartiste and Rooshv, but that’s the rules.

2 responses to “Marriage and Family isn’t an “Option”

  1. “This from the guy who advised men to cut off a hand or cut out an eye if it will lead to sin (and damnation).”

    Yes, and the logic of His argument was rock solid. It’s better to go into eternal life missing a hand or an eye or a dick than to go to fucking hell with all your parts and members intact, where they merely constitute more things to burn.

    Even more so, Jesus is correct in thinking that women and their pussies are not worth chasing in the first place, if the price is alimony and child support and restraining orders which remove your 2nd Amendment rights. Or are you saying that a whore’s pussy is worth all that, and hell besides at the end of it all?

    • I’m saying that Christian scripture explicitly recognizes that fucking a woman is marrying a woman, and that there isn’t such a thing as fucking without marrying for a Christian man. Also, that “whore” and “wife” are mutually exclusive terms since adultery (which is whorish conduct) is the one and only cause for a man to divorce his wife.

      A marriage license and USA state and federal statute and jurisprudence is not Christian scripture. If you don’t want to be obliged to recognize legal marriage in your personal life, don’t obtain a marriage license or live in a common law marriage state.

      For example, if my son later fucks a girl before he obtains an Arkansas marriage license, then his claim to be a Christian hinges upon whether he thereafter treats her as a wife or as a whore. [Similar but different rules apply to my daughter.] How the girl my son fucks behaves is upon her head.

      I do not agree that, “Jesus [thought[ women and their pussies are not worth chasing in the first place.” I think Jesus told his disciples very explicitly that MEN WITH DICKS WILL CHASE WOMEN, so if you’re a man and you “catch” a woman you’re chasing, then you don’t get to ditch her later unless she fucks other men. If she fucks other men, you’re not obliged (or even encouraged) to keep her around: you can ditch her and move on with your life. [In my ignorant youth I advised otherwise, and I regret that painfully.]

      However, this isn’t a free pass to fuck indiscriminately. If you’re that far gone, you’re better without your dick – but DICKLESS AND SINGLE ISN’T THE PLAN. The plan is that when you find a girl, you keep her. “Next” is strictly for unanticipated whores.

      I’m unable to find in scripture a limit on the number of girls you’re permitted to “catch” and “keep,” except that if you’ve got more than one, you shouldn’t be in charge of anything at church. If your community is bona-fide Christian, I presume that means you shouldn’t be in charge of anything in the community besides your own household.

      Your opinion may vary, but I’m fairly confident I’m right about these rules regarding marriage for men. If you think I’ve made some error, please tell me.

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