Loud and proud complementarians: No more taboos.

I am astonished by how much I agree with what’s posted by this Christian blogger, Dalrock, who I’d all but forgotten until Heartiste featured his blog.

My wife is Christian, so I try to stay aware of what’s ailing the remnant of the Christian church. I very much appreciate what Dalrock and the commentators are doing here. Most of what’s alleged to be Christian in the USA isn’t, so it’s nice to see evidence of the “7,000.”


Secular gay activists have worked for decades to remove the taboo from homosexuality.  “Loud and Proud” is their motto, and now Christian gay activists are doing the same work in conservative churches.  Eve Tushnet writes in There’s a Place for Us: Revoice and Gay Christian Futures

There is a future for you in the Church which is not isolated, silent, and shamed, but rich in love and fruitfulness. Whereas almost all the advice and theology I’d heard up until that point had two components: 1) Here’s what you can’t do; and 2) Have you tried being straight? Have better desires!

Rachel Gilson at The Gospel Coalition is preparing a space for loud and proud gays in the conservative church.  The first step of course is to give gays trusted access to our children:

Lily was crushed. She’d told just a member of her church her secret, and the member warned…

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