Whom In This Video Do You Hate?

I’ve not reblogged anything in ages. This earns it.


1. The young man saluting the statue?

2. The policeman?

3. The young woman speaking with the policeman at the end of the video?

Watch the entire short video before deciding.

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2 responses to “Whom In This Video Do You Hate?

    • There’s no point trying.

      First, I would be obliged to explain how the stress-strain relationship of a linear-elastic metal such as steel is governed by the material constant we call the modulus of elasticity, then explain how that decreases for a metal as temperature rises, then explain the derivation of euler buckling and how column capacity is heavily dependant upon the modulus if elasticity if a metal, then explain progressive collapse, and, finally, explain how Building 7 initially experienced a localized structural system collapse, and how that led to global failure of the vertical force resisting system.

      I have a deadline for a church addition at the end of this month that I’m already certain to miss… why would I add such stress to my life?

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