D&D 5th Edition

Wizards of the Coast & its playtesting team simplified the game so much that any morin can play it, and every wizard, warrior, & warlock is like every other.

All the rest is simplified game mechanics.

Dungeon Master’s (game hosts) will like it; every climax depends on a DM’s decision. Player’s have little opportunity to “break” the game in favor of a hero.

Several reviews have praised the simplicity of the game mechanics, but each of these reviewers has forgotten that America’s most popular ball games lack simplicity (football, golf, baseball, basketball) and our most popular board games (chess, monopoly, scrabble) are likewise complex. We want a game with sufficient complexity to make strategy possible.

Some reviewers claim the new rules encourage roleplaying. “Meh,” I say. Much LARP’ing is role play intensive. That doesn’t make it much of a game – it’s just overgrown children playing make-believe. Further, entertaining fellow gamers around the table is the end in itself – not a carrot & stick game mechanic meant to reward satisfying a DM’s vision of how the game should be played.

D&D 5th edition isn’t worth purchasing.

Anybody want my Player’s Handbook?

Don't bother.

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