Hawaii Five-0 Asian Actors Quit

Reportedly, Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park quit because they did not receive the same pay as “White” actors Scott Caan and Alex O’Loughlin.

That’s half-true, technically, and all false in spirit. The paternal grandparents of Scott Caan are Jewish. Alex O’Loughlin is Scottish and Irish, but also Australian.

On the other side of the argument, Daniel Dae Kim is (South) Korean-born and immigrated to the US with his parents while he was a toddler. Grace Park is also Korean, born in LA, but moved to Canada as a toddler. Grace plays the part of a Hawaiian, Kono Kalakaua, which was a male part played by an actual Hawaiian in the original series.

No White Americans or Native Hawaiians were privileged in the making of Hawaii Five-0.

If anybody got privileged for working the show, it was a Jew, an Aussie, and two Koreans.

Don't bother.

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