Two Thoughts

  1. Would the murder of Muslims – as probably just happened in England – be immoral because murder is wrong, or because the attacker is Christian, or because the victims are Muslim. If a Muslim isn’t a Muslim after he murders Christians, is a Christian still a Christian after he murders Muslims?
  2. Exactly which allied force did the American military protect by shooting down a Syrian aircraft?

The 16 Commandments of Poon, Distilled

Heartiste wrote the 16 Commandments of Poon. While they accurately describe the stance a man must take to live successfully, the list isn’t easy to remember. Following is my distillation of each commandment into simple phases upon which a man may act, following the same sequence presented by Heartiste.

A man

reciprocates affection,

inspires envy,

prioritizes objectives,

eschews distractions,

speaks sparingly,

replies playfully,

loves many,

apologizes rarely,

lives joyously,

contextualizes beauty,

acts confidently,

leverages advantage,

embraces boldness,

fucks wildly,

masters mayhem,

and stands unassisted.