Wife and kids were watching the movie Pan. I walked to the next room to watch the movie Armageddon.

My wife attended Northwestern University with the creator of Pan. Faggot Greg Berlanti’s shit stinks all the way back to Dawson’s Creek and Everwood.

He hates Americans and normal men. He hates women passionately. He always has.

If he writes a story about a magical young boy, anticipate pederast themes.

He and his allies are evil. Flee him and his minions.


Wreck al Saud Rule

If you want to destroy Saudi hegemony, shame al Saud’s selfish rule of Mecca & Medina. Expose Saudi women as whores. Reveal the degeneracy of Saudi men.

At every opportunity, spread the truth of Saudis:

Saudi women are whores

Saudi Men prefer fuck boys

Satan’s servants rule Mecca