Just a Little Taste of My Vacation

I may or may not do a vacation post, but this anecdote was worth sharing.

I’m at White Water water park in Branson, spending a cloudy late afternoon poolside, when human entertainment presents itself for my amusement.

An old man is talking with his three grandkids directly before my lounge chair. They’re discussing the next activity, what they’re going to do, et cetera. There’s some good-hearted debate, and the grandfather’s a bit frustrated, though still smiling and laughing, when he turns to me, the audience for this play in one act, and asks, “Would you like some kids? You can have them for free.”

I manage to keep my face completely straight, point at the teenager, and say, “I’ll take the girl.”

The grandfather laughs and answers, “She’s the worst one!” At which point I start laughing, because from this little play so far, the girl has a sharp tongue and I judge the boys are clearly more manageable.

And so the interactive portion of the performance ends.

My wife, lounging beside me, doesn’t chastise me at all.

Thank you, Roissy. It’s a beautiful world, and you prepared me well for my first truly poolside moment.

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