Strange Observations from LinkedIn

I received a random (to me) invitation to “connect” on LinkedIn from a concrete contractor. I don’t think I know the man, so I’ll probably let the invitation sit for a while just to be sure his name doesn’t appear somewhere on a submittal, but for now I’m not expecting anything.

While checking the contractor’s bio on LinkedIn, I also happened to notice a Russian/Ukrainian whose invitation I’d accepted (his posted thoughts regarding BIM were enlightening) is now enlisted in the Ukrainian army. This begs the question, “Is he enlisted or conscripted?” The difference is not trivial. As a scion of a long line of conscripts, the notion of fighting for some remote aristocracy administered by a tyrannical bureaucracy does not appeal to me. Despite my brother’s loud defense of Ukrainian interests, my instinct is that Ukraine is a doomed nation, and any person choosing military service in its cause without force of coercion has discarded both his future and the future of his scions. I could be wrong, of course.

In further LinkedIn news, a former nanny for my children is now a leasing agent (her career seems to return there). I noticed she also finally graduated college with a BA in sociology with a minor in history. It’s too bad the law prohibits her use of sociology or history when leasing property.

Don’t let the nanny thing mislead you: I’m not that wealthy. I was out of the country at the time.

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