How do you know Papists, and their leader, the Pope, aren’t Christian?


Ireland purports to be over 80 percent Papist, yet approved so-called gay marriage. Around 20 percent of Irish regularly attend mass.

The Papists’ Pope has not ordered extensive excommunication of non-Christians from the Papist communion, yet has that authority.

Who was first carried off to exile: Israel or Judah?

Who worships a golden calf?

What is the sin of Jeroboam?

2 responses to “Ireland

  1. Ah, the old New True Christian Fallacy. Well, that’s not technically a fallacy. But you know what I mean. Christian is an ontology, brought about by baptism. It is an ideological rejection of this notion—an assertion that to be “Christian” means to positively assert to a body of selected dogmas—that very much stands behind the modernist zeitgeist. Don’t help them! Neither I, nor you, nor even the pope gets to say who is and who ain’t “Christian”.

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