A Message from the Patriarchy – Feminism Abandoned the Solution

An examination of historical Feminist documents unearthed these Seven Demands from the National Women’s Liberation Conference held in Birmingham in 1978.

The women’s liberation movement asserts a woman’s right to define her own sexuality, and demands:

  1. Equal pay for equal work
  2. Equal education and job opportunities
  3. Free contraception and abortion on demand
  4. Free 24-hour community-controlled childcare
  5. Legal and financial independence for women
  6. An end to discrimination against lesbians
  7. Freedom for all women from intimidation by the threat or use of male violence. An end to the laws, assumptions[,] and institutions which perpetuate male dominance and men’s aggression towards women.

We, the Patriarchy, offer these terms to all women, enumerated respectively.

  1. Equal shares of marital property, regardless of ongoing financial contribution provided by each spouse, recognizing that women who contribute labor by managing households and rearing children are equal to women who contribute capital by selling labor outside the home.
  2. Education of women according to their life-goals, be it mother or businesswoman. No woman should be obligated to sell labor to outsource child-rearing when she is willing to partner with a man who will either contribute capital or labor or both for the rearing of children and support of a household.
  3. No woman should be obligated to carry to term a non-viable child, nor a child conceived by force. Nether should a woman be obliged to risk conceiving unwillingly. For this reason, Patriarchy requires all men obtain public affirmation of intent to conceive, usually, though not necessarily, with a public wedding ceremony, and acknowledges that conceptions without such public announcements are unintended consequences of imprudent erotic couplings.
  4. Patriarchy supports the enforcement of on-demand childcare through the system of family relations, kinship, and extended networks of kith. Every woman should expect support from family and friends for the support of her children, and provide that support to others in turn. Only wherever such networks are established can society rely upon altruism. The Patriarchy adamantly opposes all attempts to disassemble or degrade such social supports for women.
  5. Women are equally obliged as men to the responsibilities incumbent upon members of Patriarchy. With those responsibilities come many privileges, including legal and financial independence and culpability. For this reason, no man is obliged to provide financial support for any woman who is not his dependent, nor legally responsible for her actions, except where the two are in a household partnership, upon which dissolution his obligation ends.
  6. No woman is obliged to sexual conduct or exclusivity, except as agreed with a man, nor is her erotic conduct restrained.
  7. The Patriarchy opposes violence between men and women except in response to violence and to contain violence. No person may demand from another support or cooperation by use of force; agreements for collaboration shall be based upon a mutual exchange or trade of goods or service, mutual assurance of support, and similar commerce. The Patriarchy endeavors to provide a socio-economic framework favoring neither men nor women so that the natural strengths of each gender may reach full potential.

When next you hear Feminists demand equal pay for equal work, equal education and employment, reproductive rights, free childcare, legal and financial independence, sexual liberation, or non-violence, please recall this offer from the Patriarchy.

4 responses to “A Message from the Patriarchy – Feminism Abandoned the Solution

  1. 1. I find it amusing that you’re making this “offer” on behalf of “the Patriarchy”.

    2. Women belong in the home, running it and raising the next generation.

    3. Marriage, the real version, is the foundation of civilized society. Civilization. The bride is a virgin: she’s obligated to restrain all her sexual activity to her husband; the groom is a productive member of society: he’s obligated to provide for his wife. Divorce isn’t permitted, and adultery is grounds for _severe_ punishment. And extramarital sex is über-verboten. Come to think of it, it’s basically all those stuffy old rules nobody really likes.

    So really, Mr. Patriarchy, you should instead speak on behalf of “the Matriarchy”, because fuck it let’s just give women everything they want lol.

    • Patriarchy lets women suffer the consequences by permitting the choices. Matriarchy forbids choice and damns consequences. So under patriarchy, if women make stupid decisions, like fornication over chastity and adultery over fidelity, then women reap the whirlwind. Matriarchy, in contrast, encourages bad choices by establishing we “evil” patriarchs forbid fornication, then score points providing a so-called safety net (which is really a trap) for women who stray from the purportedly sanctioned path. It does us no good to enforce one option over another when reality adequately adjudicates poor decisions. Divorce is punishment, female adultery with uninhibited male response is consequential, non-virginal (un-widowed) brides get little respect, men work when work profits, and households with mom at home profit most. Finally, yes, I speak for the Patriarchy; nobody else does.

      Count the cards and let the women play the hand they’re given; quit reshuffling the deck.

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