Claim: Democracy creates climate change paralysis

For the NRx: this is what worries me about your salon.

Watts Up With That?

A new model for a greener democracy? A new model for a greener democracy?

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

The Conversation has published yet another green attack on liberal democracy. According to The Conversation, Liberal democracy is old fashioned – it’s antiquated institutions produce climate change “paralysis”, which the authors suggest can be resolved, by transferring democratic powers to unelected panels of national and trans-national bureaucrats.

According to The Conversation;

… Specifically, the failure to tackle climate change speaks to an overall failure of our liberal democratic system…

… Successfully tackling climate change and other big policy challenges depends on making tangible the intangible crisis of liberal democracy.

It means understanding that liberal democracy’s governance machinery – and the static, siloed policy responses generated by such democracies – is no longer fit for purpose.

Read more:

Naturally The Conversation has a solution for this crisis. My favourite from their list of suggestions, is their idea…

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