Why tteclod is not an Episcopalian

No comment box at the Vulture’s place, so…

1. Please edit the quotes so the biblical stuff doesn’t meld seamlessly with the stuff I wrote. There’s a difference in quality that may not be readily apparent.
2. I hoped to find in the Episcopal church some so-called authenticity which seemed lacking among Baptists. What I found, after scraping away the fa├žade, was dry-rot (apologetics) and termites (faggots).
3. I am (obviously) not satisfied with sacraments, else I may have moved to Catholicism after leaving the Episcopal church.
4. Finally, my opinions regarding Christianity are my own, and certainly do not reflect a departure from the Episcopal church alone.

Now, I really ought get back to work. These so-called value engineering revisions seem more daunting than they first appeared.


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