A False Face Hides the False Heart


The Kakistocracy


That would be a fittingly economical epitaph on the tombstone of Anthony Stokes. A 17 year-old Georgia teen (as of course many teens are much older) who, in his too-long life managed to mau-mau a million dollar heart transplantation from a shamefully cowed medical community. A gift he spent the next 24 months living down to before belatedly expiring in a climax of home invasion, auto theft, gunfire, and sudden deceleration. That kind of lifestyle’s hard on your heart, boy.

Daily Mail helpfully provides the bullet points:

* Anthony Stokes died on Tuesday after he crashed a stolen car into a pole while fleeing from the scene of an attempted burglary in Roswell, Georgia.

* He had fired at an elderly woman after breaking into her home

* Less than two years ago, he was given a life-saving heart transplant

* He was initially denied the surgery because…

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