Time to Stop Reading Dark Enlightenment

I’ve been examining my work productivity and concluded I can’t maintain my reading habits. Something’s got to give, and since I need money to eat, now and far into my decrepit future, I won’t be reading blogs any longer. That said, I’ve got an idea that I’ll share with you right now, and I’ll keep writing about it here. Your comments are welcome, but you may expect those to be unread unless you comment here.

If we are to change government as much of the Dark Enlightenment proposes, then an alternative government must be developed. There are many ways we might organize, but if we are to be consistent with our advocacy and aspirations, then I think our best option is to develop a feudal hierarchy. Beyond that, I don’t have much because I’ve never tried to organize a face-to-face counter-cultural society.

Here’s my proposal: we begin organizing at the local level, as Phalanx suggests, developing parallel cultural systems. If you’re part of a close-knit church, biker gang, masonic lodge, BDSM club, or some other organization generally capable of non-government-sanctioned hierarchy, you already understand the basic process. There are rules, somebody is in charge, and breaking the rules results in expulsion. In our case, consensus appears to be that quality men should lead, and failing that, quality men should at least advise and guide the leaders. I don’t know that anybody has proposed more that that.

I’ll withhold any further thoughts except for this: it’s long past time we started practicing what we’re preaching. That’s what I’ll endeavor to do in the next few months and report back to you what I’ve learned. In the meantime, you won’t be seeing me at the Darkly Enlightened library.

2 responses to “Time to Stop Reading Dark Enlightenment

  1. I agree. My DE reading took a similar nosedive a year ago. It was time to start acting, and lots of us have. I’m glad to see you on the bandwagon.

    Without action, no rewards.

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