A Brief Adapted List of Recommendations for Self-Driving Cars


Before self-driving cars become the norm on our roadways, drivers must be trained and re-trained as follows.

1. To recognize the extreme dangers of self-driving cars.

2. To understand the basic principles of competent driving.

3. To understand the absolute requirement for drivers to be able to drive without software assistance.

4. To always be skeptical of software, to never ever rely upon the behavior of a self-driving car without extensive behind-the-wheel evaluation of the self-driving software, and to always assume self-driving car decisions are wrong until confirmed by the driver.

5. To intuitively know and execute safe driving techniques and merely use the self-driving car to improve safety.

6. To de-glorify the self-driving car and to glorify the knowledge, experience, and competence required to be thoroughly familiar with all the details of automobile behavior, performance, and lawful operation.

7. To avoid taking educational courses from driving instructors who only provide opportunities to learn with self-driving cars rather than by intensive instruction in the art of driving by highly knowledgeable driving instructors who have extensive real world experience.

8. To avoid becoming a passenger of drivers trained only with self-driving automobiles rather than through intensive training by experienced and knowledgeable drivers.

9. To recognize that less experienced drivers must develop strong driving skills without the aid of self-driving automobiles before using self-driving automobiles as powerful driving safety tools.

10. To recognize that only the most experienced and knowledgeable drivers are qualified to use self-driving automobiles as a tool for improving automobile safety.

11. To recognize that only drivers drive, and that so-called self-driving cars do not.

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