Commenters’ Thoughts on Fitness Tests and Respect for Women

Thoughts worth pondering.

On the Rock

In the post Men, some really great comments were made that I wish to highlight regarding Fitness testing and how one man views women (I would really like to hear other men’s thoughts on this).  These were fantastic comments that should not get buried.  (it ended up having a really interesting comment thread that you may wish to read in it’s entirety).

A Northern Observer asks regarding Fitness Testing:

We’re all sinners, and we all – consciously or not – know we’re bound to get ourselves into serious trouble if we’re left to our own devices. I submit fitness testing is a “safe” way to be (re)assured that there’s someone out there who’ll pull back on our reigns and “Whoa Nellie!” when we need it. This in turn means you don’t have to worry about running amuck in other matters and landing yourself in real trouble.

So, would you agree that…

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