Henry Dampier on Technological Stagnation

Henry Dampier writes some good thoughts regarding what’s driving some of the technical decline in the west (and, I’d add, elsewhere).

“Zero interest rates make it attractive to invest …but it makes it impossible …to calibrate effectively to the real conditions of society.

“…it becomes affordable for companies to invest in Quests For The Holy Grail, but it becomes impossible to actually find the holy grail. Launching new quests is cheap, actually following through is not possible due to an inability to find accurate price information.

“Progressives are mostly comfortable with ‘disruptive innovation’ as long as people remain in FDR’s concentration camp of glorious happy progress.”

If only we were contained in a concentration camp. Life is rapidly approaching Mad Max proportions. Here’s an image that best describes progressive ideas of “disruptive innovation.”


The challenge we face is that the Cathedral excels at destructive innovation, which also happens to be disruptive. Henry Ford and others didn’t ruin America with cars (less horse-shit in the street is an improvement, methinks). One wonders if abolition of slavery and the accompanying civil war, prohibition of alcohol, and the movement accompanying both of these, women’s suffrage, can claim more lives utterly ruined than a profusion of automobiles spewing purportedly greenhouse-inducing gas concentrations. The Great Depression certainly trailed prohibition and women’s suffrage by only nine years.

Who knows? Perhaps if we rid ourselves of cars, women will be forced to ride side saddle, but I’m not anticipating change.


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