Democracy Failure Mode: Demagoguery

The Roman Catholic Church is part of the Cathedral and another ghoul gnawing on the rotting corpse of civilization. Regrettably, we are obliged to build anew Frankenstein’s monster from the disparate and dispersed corpses of many great civilizations scattered across our globe. Fortunately for us, there is much sinew, bone, and blood from which to stitch our new monster and the Cathedral has inadvertently provided us the tools necessary to bring life to our creation by scattering real data and discoveries among the lies and obfuscations.


[By the time I had written Section IV, I had to concede most of this post summarizes, abridges, and adds on to parts of An Open  Letter to an Open Minded Progressive.  Also, it took until Section V to actually get to my thesis.]

“A lie can travel halfway round the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.” – often attributed to Mark Twain

“If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth.” – often attributed to Joseph Goebbels


A while ago I wrote about a moment when a friend described my research for my blog posts as “sitting in his living room.”  That wasn’t the first time I had thought about the amateur nature of my writing, and it won’t be my last.  I suspect most of my fellow bloggers are in a similar position; smart, reflective, and not credentialed in any way in…

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3 responses to “Democracy Failure Mode: Demagoguery

  1. So are you pro-catholism? Church is general has been not only a woeful failure to combat progressiveism, I think its been an enabler under the guise of ‘combating’ it while doing nothing of the sort.

    • I’m confident my opinion was clear when I wrote, “The Roman Catholic Church is part of the Cathedral and another ghoul gnawing on the rotting corpse of civilization.” There may have been an age, long ago, when the Papists guarded the remains of the Roman empire from utter ruin, but that time has long since passed into history; now they feed on what’s left.

      Still, “many great civilizations scattered across our globe” provide the framework for what men must do to guard civilization going forward. We needn’t continue to rely upon dogma and traditions, such as those taught by the Papists, when we have an almanac of other traditions from which to glean experimental data – a literature review, so to speak.

      There’s a lot of talk amongst the Dark Enlightenment about Neoreaction, but the way forward is through PUA-style social experiments using psychological research mining and proven heuristics. I propose it’s time we started social experiments so we can prove what works for guarding truth, and what fails.

      That’s what I’m saying, less the flowery language.

      And if that isn’t confusing enough, I’m atheist.

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