Where to find a good incel guy to date?

A Message from the Patriarchy: Where to Find Involuntarily Celibate (Incel) Guys

Emma the Emo posted a commenter’s question. It deserves an answer.

So, you a slut, you’ve rode the cock carousel till your crotch is sore, and you’re ready to get the fuck off the racing stallions and onto a workhorse. Where do you find a workhorse? Hint: it’s in the name.

Before we begin, know that there are two types of incel guys: loons and laborers.

You can generally spot the loons by certain characteristics. Among these are 1) horrifying hygiene, 2) dirty living spaces, 3) few friends.

Sadly, you cannot judge looniness by the usual feminist guidelines: anti-social behavior, physical condition, politically correct ethos. Such things usually portent a crazy person, contrary to Cathedral-approved opinion. Do not trust an apparently incel guy with good physical condition who says the right things and appears socially gregarious. He is either certifiably crazy or a pick-up artist and probably a recovering incel, but not what you’re seeking, all the same.

So, with some broad no-go criteria established, here’s a brief list of where you find incels.

– RPG gaming convention or gaming store
– book stores
– Japanese anime conventions
– Video game stores or the video game section of local big box retailer
– A surprising number of incels hunt and fish and collect firearms; consider a sporting goods store that sells firearms.
– Fast food and grocery stores – these guys gotta eat and nobody cooks for them

So, how do you pick-up an incel?

First, be interested in the guy. It helps tremendously if you’re not faking your interest. Next, laugh, especially if he tells a joke. Giggling is always good. Also, touch him. Get him to touch you. Follow him around like a puppy – don’t lead him. Guys who are still open to female companionship will welcome the attention and eventually become accustomed to your presence.

If you get rejected, move on. Disinterest in a man can’t be combatted. Similarly, bail on the guy if you lose interest, the sooner the better. Bailing early is a kindness.