How To Handle Girls Playing The ‘Poor Me!’ Act

For your consideration, the female mind at work.

I’m sitting on a restaurant patio, eating lunch with my wife, when I see a woman pass on the sidewalk. The woman’s lipstick is a particularly odd expression of faux-flesh orange. I remark, with an angered tone, “I don’t understand why a women paints her lips a shade no cunt would ever have.”

My wife responds, with a look of shock and anger at my coarse language, “Women can choose lipstick for colors other than their ‘cunt.'”

“Perhaps,” I reply.

“And I hardly wear any lipstick,” she adds.

“Besides all that lip balm.”

“And your mother wears very bright red lipstick.”

To which I can only manage a raised eyebrow.

Gentlemen, if we are to avoid so-called beta-bait, I recommend initiating the beta-bait conversation early and often in the manner above. She will compare herself to other women. You may as well construct the so-called conversation to your advantage. So, if you’re on the receiving end of, “I’m so fat,” may I suggest a response along the lines of, “Perhaps. But you know I like to slap-around thin girls.”

Chateau Heartiste

Beta bait. It’s a trap!

Beta bait and shit tests are similar concepts with some notable distinctions. Shit tests occur with the most regularity and intensity during early game, and at times when the relationship is on the skids. They are normally loaded up front to help the girl quickly take the measure of your alphaness. Beta bait happens at any time while dating a girl, and are spread out evenly in a relationship as a sort of low level boyfriend diagnosis script.

Beta bait is basically a type of leading question or leading suggestion employed by women as part of their subconscious female algorithm to elicit evidence of low value beta male psychology. It often takes the form of “poor me!” solipsistic martyrdom, a kind of damsel in distress ploy that thirsty beta males and white knights find hard to resist.

Chomping down on stinky beta bait lowers…

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