A Message from the Partiarchy: Regarding Courtship

The Patriarchy reviewed the post and comments at Free Northerner’s website regarding courting within the traditional conservative subculture. Our comments follow.

There is an exception to the rule, “No woman will ever take advice to date an uninteresting guy.” Your daughter will take your advice. So, go make daughters – and sons.

Free Northerner provides a useful anecdote. It illustrates several mating problems within the traditional conservative subculture. Sadly, the narrative he supplied easily could have been a narrative out of a cult community, such as the Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints. Their approach is built precisely to discourage the success of young men, and to drive those young men from a community.

As others noted, he failed the test by respecting the opinion of a girl’s father as relevant to his decision-making. Further, as others noted, the correct action was to focus the girl’s attention away from her parents and toward himself. Ultimately, a traditional conservative woman wants to answer to her husband, not her father. If Free Northerner cares to be a husband, then he should insist that a woman who wishes to date him redirect her obedience to him, not her father. Ideally, Free Northerner’s opinions will so closely match her father’s that the difference is pedantic, but even a cataclysmic clash of values should result in loyalty in Free Northerner, not her father. Scripturally, she joins Free Northerner’s household. He do not join hers. Not unless he want a hole drilled into his ear.

Regarding pornography, the Patriarchy recognizes only two viable moral positions: abstain entirely on moral grounds, or defend pornography fearlessly. Anything further is open to ridicule. We suppose, in Free Northerner’s particular case, the correct answer to the question, “Do you watch pornography?” would be, “Not since I met your daughter.” Lest there be any confusion, the Patriarchy defends pornography.

Generally, the notion that another man is capable of judging men – or that men would voluntarily abide such judgment – is completely alien to the Patriarchy. We discourage fathers from such dishonorable actions. Men either reach mutual agreement, or settle the matter with finality. Submission to authority is feminine, and we do not tolerate effeminate men within the Patriarchy, even among those that bugger men. Is Free NorthernerĀ both free and a man, or not?

Our advice to Free Northerner, in the sense of alpha/beta behavior, is this. If you feel your character was sufficient to date this girl, and you’re still interested, go find her, and ask to meet for coffee. Explain to her that you are still interested. You are a man, and you want her as your wife. Explain that she can walk away, and you won’t pursue, but if she wants a husband, she needs to choose that for herself – it’s not the decision for her parents to make for her.

The above is the Patriarchy’s advice for its daughters. We advise our daughter’s, but our consent isn’t necessary. Our daughters are the ones getting fucked, not us. They better be satisfied with their choice.

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