A Message from the Patriarchy: Perhaps All the Fallacies of Feminism in One Advocacy Essay

“…a single mother should not be called a “cunt” for drinking.”

Correct. That label is generally earned for using her cunt to get a child, while not bothering to negotiate child support from a father (ideally by marriage, ya’ know, that millennia-old legal tradition by which men and women agree to sexually reproduce and support children).

8 responses to “A Message from the Patriarchy: Perhaps All the Fallacies of Feminism in One Advocacy Essay

  1. wow – this was so raw and disrespectful to everyone involved in having children…the woman is a cunt for not “negotiating” as if she’s in an arm’s deal, the male, father or sperm donor has no brain or consciousness of his actions whatsoever belittling him to be a shot of sperm to fertilize an egg. I don’t even want to know what you call the offspring in this feral scenario of beings. tteclod, I don’t know why but I keep hoping your own consciousness will do lend itself to a higher level of intelligent humanity. I think we and you are better than this. Jayne

    • Wow, indeed, because you’ve utterly missed the point. Perhaps that’s why I just got called home to supper from the office on a Sunday night by my adoring wife after minding our unexpectedly ill child all week she took vacation. I’ve got her back, she’s got mine, and the love part is a bonus, not the basis, for our marriage.

      But instead I get the usual shit accusation from ignorance: the presumption I DON’T SHARE that men are “sperm donors.” From where the fuck does that originate? Where the fuck did I ever imply such stupidity? The answer is: I didn’t. That leap sprung fully-formed from your intellect, not mine.

      Have you ever participated in an arms deal? Does that analogy vaguely apply? Can you even think of what an arms deal looks like? You think weapons get traded among adversaries, or do you mean to imply the potential parents are allies already? What the hell do you mean to say, other than to attempt, and fail, to create the cloud of immoral negotiations?

      What do you mean when you say “feral scenario?” Were you referring to marriage? Am I completely confused by you post? Are you commenting on the person who wrote this precious paragraph?

      ” I’m not saying that my family should just expect to keep spending the same amount of money on luxuries as everyone else. We don’t. Apart from rent, my mum still has to pay for council tax, food, petrol, pound coins for the communal washing machine, my sister’s school lunch money, and toiletries – things are really tight. But sometimes buying stuff helps retain a sense of normality. Other times, it gives us glimmers of hope – like when we buy trinkets ready to put in the new house that we are definitely going to get eventually.”

      So, yeah, I read that and think, “Where’s the father?” There’s absolutely no mention of the man (men) involved. It’d be one thing if the woman pleaded abandonment, or widowed mother, or even claimed physical battery – but nothing. Just NOT EVEN EXISTS.

      Yep. I’ve had enough of the single mother complaining about her lot in life. If you don’t like it, tough shit. I care for my kids in every way, and I do that work hand-in-hand with my children’s mother. That, Jayne, is intelligent humanity. That’s good gender relations. That’s what sexual contracts – marriages – look like. Not this purportedly egalitarian crap that leaves women and children homeless. That’s barbarism. That’s feral. That’s cunts. I prefer women.

      • I thought I must have misread your reaction – your words that you wrote read to me as your thoughts on the matter. When you do speak on personal things, you speak from a place of respect for your own situation and family. I have to be reading you so differentlythan your intent. Maybe you were being sarcastic which doesn’t translate in the written format of short comments .

      • I responded to an article at the link. If that link eluded your notice, my post would lack context.

        No sarcasm is intended. The woman (here I am tempted to say “girl” except she has engaged in public discourse and must do so as an adult) writing the article seems to think the pejorative “cunt” (and similar) attaches to a behavior, drinking, and perhaps to other things. Such derision is never so easily earned. Lemme give you an example, from personal experience, for shock value.

        Next door to me lives a mud shark (look it up if that slur is unfamiliar). I don’t use the term lightly. Her one mixed-race child is by an absent father. Until about a month ago, and for maybe 4 months previously, she had a live-in boyfriend, at which time he was shot for apparently no reason. His SUV is still parked in front of my house because nobody’s available to claim it. Her father bought her house, and she pays rent to him. She purchased a relatively new full-size SUV for herself at steep interest. Her deceased boyfriend’s dog got loose two nights ago; she’s nowhere to be found, and I never was able to get the big dog corralled back into her yard – and if I had, I would have needed to repair her fence. When she has friends over to her house, they’re almost universally black – except the one white woman with a white child and a black boyfriend. For what it’s worth, I like the friend’s boyfriend: he seems to have sense. So, perhaps she’s got a few good friends, but that seems to be an accident. Mostly, she has black friends, and lovers, and some of those are good people.

        There’s much more I could write about this neighbor, ad infinitum, but that’s not really the point. The point is that there are so many self righteous idiots out there who get called all sorts of awful names, but never once examine personal choices and take personal responsibility for personal errors. When such people make a change, the difference is jarring.

        On a similar personal level relating to the linked essay, I lived 6 months in Britain, paid council tax, rented an apartment, and managed as a “poor” working stiff the entire time. I hardly ever used anything but cash, and had to carefully juggle my personal savings against the expense reimbursements from my employer – which did not include purchases meant to make life less stressful. Almost all my income went home, direct deposit to my paycheck. I kept $200 per month from a $4,000 per month salary for non-reimbursable expenses: stuff like clothes. Once per month I took a $60 train somewhere close to see a part of the world I may never see again – an ancestral homeland, at that. When it was over, I was unemployed, so every dollar saved meant less impoverishment later.

        Many women tell sob stories of various sorts about how life isn’t fair, how they don’t have enough to feed children, and so on. Thing is, when I’ve dug down deep into these stories, time after time, the women complaining created the situations about which they complain. Every widow with children I’ve met, without exception, is self-reliant (often from life insurance, occasionally from exceptional family income or inheritance) or, failing that, had the sense to re-marry. The “single mothers:” not so much. Poor decisions leading to out-of-wedlock births tend to be followed by further poor decisions. What’s worse, there’s always an excuse, and some man, or men, the “system,” or “Patriarchy” is to blame.

        All to rarely, women request men, “Take responsibility.” There was a time I believed that men were at fault in these scenarios: somehow, for some reason, men abandoned women. But the older I get, the more life I see, the less that hypothesis matches observed reality. Women abandon men, or avoid commitment, or seek better opportunities.

        A phrase often said in Japanese romance fiction translates to, “May I rely on you?” That’s a powerful question. I won’t belabor the particulars of the language too much except to emphasize that the question is not a question of state, as we Americans often erroneously asking, “Can I do such-and-so.” The question is one of permission: “Will you permit me to rely upon you?”

        That is the humility missing from women who complain of being called “cunt.” They do not ask for support; they demand it, as if it is a state, not an activity.

      • I can see what you’re saying and maybe it comes down to valuing children by mothers and fathers. That’s where I come from in responding to your words about that article on your post. I think I understand what you’re saying about the women you used as examples of “parenting” poorly by not considering the outcome of pregnancy. It’s that “getting pregnant” that I believe is both people’s responsibility. From how you live and take care of your family, I believe you are the gold standard of a father. Your wife probably couldn’t have raised your kids as well if you didn’t own up to your role as parent. It takes two. I still don’t think the term cunt is applicable but ok, emotions do get involved. It’s a shame your neighbor and others may not consider the mindset that is perpetuated when a good father is not present to teach kids by their presence and support that they are valued. That’s how I see it. Parenting is not really valued unless it’s learned, seen by example. I have no answers here. Talking to my own kids about having kids and picking a man who would be a father – if they want to have kids- is all I can do while trying to parent myself along with their father is the best that I can do. I will also say that I do point out to them good examples, of men such as yourself, along with the responsibilities as a parent.
        I know examples of what you addressed too. It’s sad. Maybe I feel too much for the kids and the lessons that are being taught by parents who don’t take parenting seriously. I would just approach it another way than the article or your comments did. I misconstrued your perspective. That’s why I had to comment and I sincerely appreciate your graciousness in having this conversation. I don’t think men and fatherhood get enough credit for being good solid fathers. Motherhood is idolized in a some superficial way, in my opinion, but the real value of actual parenting by mothers and fathers isn’t seen as it should be so that women and men actually think of what they’re doing past the sex. Thanks, Jayne

      • To my mind, we use the wrong words, or assign the words confusing meaning. Marriage is about love, when it’s really about family – the biological kind. Sex is procreation, not recreation. The word for recreation is eroticism. Parents means mother and father, guardian means substitute parent. And on and on I could continue.

        As for my value as a father, I am mediocre at best. That’s the true shame of how far our standards have fallen. Fathers who accept and work as Patriarchs – fathers who rule a household – are slandered at every turn. Feminist attacks against the Patriarchy are exactly what they appear to be: complaints against the rule of fathers. Not content with that, feminists laud the single mom for the sole purpose that such a woman takes on motherhood outside the rule of her child’s father. They are rebels against the Patriarchy attacking the so-called system at the root of it’s power, the authority of a man over his wife and children. Not that the children fare better without a father, or a mother without a husband.

        But I’m sure that’s plenty for any comment thread.

      • lol – yes it is. If we actually had a conversation audibly, with tone, eye contact and body language, I think we’d probably agree on more things…maybe. I laughed at your last sentence because in my mind the term Feminism has been contorted as much as a face on botox after 5 really bad face lifts. For me, the bottom line is, men and women complement each other in powerful ways if you work at it and know the value of one another.

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