Everyday Sexism for a WoC

“There are the persistent trolls I have chosen to ignore because what they want is a reaction from me, …”

So, instead, she posts screenshots of two of my comments (which may be half the total). Is that easier than clicking approve?

Sam, I love you. Despite all the heated rhetoric, I really love you and your work. What’s more, I think you’re beginning to see the world as it is. Welcome to the Dark Enlightenment. Let me know when you’ve finished reading Unqualified Reservations. Stop over at Chateau Heartiste and let us know what you think. And don’t forget Western Rifle Shooters. I really did confuse one of your posts with one of his.

PS: Did you try my suggestion about getting a flat?

[Edit 22 April 2014: I’m seeing a spike in UK readership centered on this post. Leave a note. Greet. Rant. Whatever.]

Left at the Lights

Further reading:

Die Clarkson

Helen Lewis fanclub

Rape Rape

White feminism and its inappropriate use of the word girl to describe brown adult women

This isn’t an exhaustive list. There are the persistent trolls I have chosen to ignore because what they want is a reaction from me, even the slightest indication they’ve hurt me arouses them, chauvinists like Nazarat Hussain and Elevatorgate. Never mind the countless egg accounts that are deleted before I get the chance to gather evidence. This is my everyday sexism, where run ins with white feminists produce the nastiest catalysts to outright misogyny and malice from predominantly white men. What do projects like Everyday Sexism do for me people like me? Am I not a woman too? Oh, it’s not about me, but for the greater good. The greater good for them, the white pen pushers cashing in on their self serving campaigns.


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