Daughters, Not Daughter-in-laws, please.

The Patriarchy cannot endorse this message. Standards for sons-in-law are VERY HIGH. Here’s a brief list (upon which we may expound later):
1. Excellent breeding. The potential son-in-law should possess an impressive physique, as should his parents and grandparents.
2. HIs parents and grandparents should all be alive and in good health, as examples of longevity and competence (as opposed to poor genetics and foolishness).
3. A good son-in-law should demonstrate acquired wealth and ongoing income from sources he has personally established. Inherited wealth may serve in a pinch, but is not preferred.
4. A good son-in-law has several siblings upon which a daughter may reasonably resort for assistance if she is widowed. A son-in-law without siblings (which demonstrates poor fecundity for the future) ought at least have an extended tribe upon which your daughter might depend.
5. A good son-in-law is very focused on the pursuit of his life – career, art, profession, passion, duty, whatever – but retain some remaining time for wife and children that feels empty without a family. A man who is fulfilled without a family is a poor son-in law.
6. A good sone-in-law does not need your daughter – he WANTS your daughter above other options for a wife. He is willing to negotiate with you, the father of your heart’s desire, for a union of families, so that the future of his children is secured by your effort as patriarch over your daughter, in conjuction with his effort as patriarch over your grandchildren.

There is much more that might be enumerated. But you ought know this at least: the standard for men exceeds the standard for women. If you are to be a good daughter-in law, be a woman worthy of such a husband.

Don't bother.

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