Is “Feminism” Just Internet Hate-Bait?

Once in a while, something feminist says something true. To whit wit:
“anyone who thinks a loon’s portrait of her own narcissistic ego economy can affect some serious change in what a “good feminist is” needs to call their parents and just sort out whatever problem it is they’re displacing in “the patriarchy.” There’s definitely a patriarchy. The problem is a lot of “feminists” aren’t actually fighting it; they’re just pissing off their personal patriarch.”

The Litost Publishing Collective

BY: Khayree Billingslea


VICE recently published an article that had the word “feminist” in it. This isn’t a new thing, obviously. We all know that if you’re running a publication and want to open up the floodgates of open discourse (read: traffic (read: hate)), include “femin-” in the title. It helps if you can frame the article as a question. If you can fit Justin Bieber in the piece, you’re killing the game. Prime example, here.

The article is basically what I’ll call hate bait, and if you ever see that word again, let me know. This means the content of the article is irrelevant, though it will pretend to matter very, very much. In the comment section, angry lemmings will even go so far as to quote passages from the text to prove their points–points they articulated with the intention of getting into a fight.

“I will not stand…

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