Of Cars and Bars.

Automobiles often assault the tavern I visit three or fewer days a week. The latest attack happened Friday, and the assailant fled without accepting responsibility. So did the driver.

Today, as I kill an hour, a local television station, KARK, dropped in for the obligatory visit. The female minority reporterette interviewed somebody present for the assault, recorded video, and departed. For those interested, they completed an illegal left turn upon arrival. Scofflaws, those journalists. Because I’m especially enjoying this beer, I thought I might relate a few details before returning to parenthood.

1. The reporterette would never be caught dead in this joint. I think she’ll take a shower as soon as possible. [To her credit, this is a seedy bar.]
2. Are all cameramen distastefully ugly? Don’t they recognize that this is especially incongruous with the reporters and reporterettes they accompany?
3. Is this the best television news can manage: reporting on a three-day-old story whilst genuine corruption is rampant?

Don't bother.

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